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Ok, so sitting at home with Katie and Lisa today, looking through their dozens and dozens of photos from their trip to India the first time, and we agreed that maybe there won't be long enough for me to do everything in 3 and a half weeks.  So the plan is to go in to work tomorrow and ask my incredibly angry (all of the time) boss for an extra weeks leave - without pay of course...anything to get her to say yes.

We sat out in the backyard role playing one of us being me and one of us being my boss, playing out the worst case scenario.  Conclusion was that - Katie cannot play an angry boss without giggling - and that if I go in prepared with an answer to every reason she has to say no, then she should say yes.  We never got around to what I do if she says no...I think that's a case of "if we don't think about her saying no, then she won't".  But, with only 7 sleeps left until we go, there isn't much time to get everything organised - change of flights, and....well actually that really is all we have to organise...ha!

It's all getting very exciting now!!  Last weekend was fun, I bought  a rucksack and we got our tickets.  I can't wait to pack and get going!!

I'll update this when we see what happens with my leave....Wish me luck!!

Ok..so here's what happened...

I hesitantly asked Ellie for the extra time off, and after being told that I should have thought about this when I put in my original application for leave, I accepted the fact that I have responsibilities here.  She gave me 2 days extra so I could return to work on the Monday instead of the Thursday as originally planned.  I went home feeling deflated and let down.  Although I probably shouldn't have let myslef think she would say yes to it, I know what she's like. 

Then I thought this isn't good enough...there are people who can cover my work, and it is no cost to the company.  So I emailed her.  I didn't suck up, I just told it how it was that I would really appreciate her giving it a little more consideration.  I didn't hear anything back all day....

Nervously, I checked a reply email from her this morning to find she had said "Jen I am ok with this."

YES!!!!!  So after calling home (to find no one was awake yet to share in my excitement) I called the travel agent...and you better believe it, but my return flight is now booked, and I won't be back into the daily grind until December 4th!   Not sure yet, but this may mean I have to cancel my trip to Melbourne....I guess I can go there any time though....For now I am going to India!!

lisalush says:
YAY Bella! You're coming for aaaages now! Thats awesome I'm so excited! Love you x
Posted on: Oct 25, 2006
travelman727 says:
Hide the women and children! By the time India knows what hit them (the three sisters), it will be too late! :-D
Posted on: Oct 25, 2006
lisalush says:
Good luck bella I hope it all works out! xxx love you x
Posted on: Oct 22, 2006
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