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When I landed in Taiwan after a "somewhere in the teens" hour flight, I debated just sitting in the airport.  But, well, that just wouldn't be me.  So, at 5:30 AM I hopped on one of the buses leaving the airport after conversing with a lady for the appropriate stop, and got out in downtown Taipei. 

Now, this being my first taste of Asia at all, even the bus ride was exciting.  Taiwan is extremely mountainous, and there was a nice fog present, which made for some fantastic scenery.  We also passed a bunch of pagodas, which were also foreign to me.  There were also a lot of cars and motorbikes.

I decided to go to Taipei 101, but that piece didn't open until several hours  later, so I nixed that idea.

  I stood outside for a while and snapped some photos. I also snapped some more later, because a building of that magnitude makes it difficult to snap the perfect picture.  I didn't.

As I patroled the city, some familiar things started popping up, including a seemingly exact replica of the LoVe Park sign in Philadelphia.  You know what I'm talking about, Philadelphians and/or Fresh Prince of Belair fans.  There were also western dudes jogging..did I take the wrong flight?

I then learned, or rather, reaquainted myself with a lost art that would prove both valuable and necessary in the forthcoming months, something I would do time and time again:  the point.  I "pointed" to some kind of dumpling type thing.


I ended up sitting in the ladys house and ate it.  I'm not even sure if it was a restaurant, frankly I really don't think it was.  But, she let me hold the remote and even use her toilet before I left, not the restaurant toilet, her house toilet, complete with newspapers and toothbrushes.  I was amazed, but then I realized living at your hotel/guesthouse/restaurant was common.  Anyway, I was grateful.  She was nice, and it foreshadowed something else I would learn: 99.9% of people I've met in Asia are extremely friendly.  The dumpling type thing was also very good.

Before, I left, I walked through various parks, markets, and waves of motorbikes.  I know I barely stuck my toe into the ocean that is Taiwan, but I got a chance to at least spend some hours in downtown Taipei.  Plus, it beat staying at the airport, what was I goign to experience there? 

Am I a better man for getting on that bus and going into Taipei?  Yes.  Yes, I am.

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photo by: Deats