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Mike and I packed up my little car and off we are on the first leg of 'Bonnaroo'! We left around 2 am from Washington, DC to minimize traffic, but there really isn't a fantastic/perfect time to leave this area as I-495 is always going to have cars on the road. As we're driving down I-66W I saw a sign warning drivers about deer crossings. Of course, I instantly flash back to a story my roomate had told me a year prior about how a deer ran out and hit her on that very road late at night. Then the bugger got up and ran away. Can we say paranoia?! I was freaking for the safety of my car (and us too); turning my brights on whenever possible and cursing quite loudly whenever I saw one on the side of the road. Mike and I laughed about it though and it definitely kept us up during the long night. About two hours after sun-up I saw a random deer on the side of the highway eating and I freak! "What the heck? It's not night-time! I'm so not even looking!"

We came across this random town late that night/morning whose only significant landmarks seemed to be these three giant, illuminated, white crosses which seemed to loom up at us as we drove over a hill. It was kind of freaky. Then the town was gone. I don't even remember seeing any buildings or anything, I just kept looking up at those crosses.

One of the familiar landmarks we kept seeing where mile markers to Roanoke. "200 miles till..." Roanoke was that town which was settled for about a year by pilgrims and then every inhabitant vanished without a trace when the next ship came from Europe. So I find it very ironic that people would actually want to live in a town with that namesake, even all these years later. As we finally were approaching Roanoke another, smaller town was coming up as well: Salem. Witches anyone? Like, who puts two creepy town names next to each other? That's just wrong...

Two things we noticed on our trip from Washington, DC through Virginia. One is that the number of Cracker Barrel Restaurants increase exponentially the farther south you go. At first it was a cool car game to point them all out....but once you have one every 5 or 10 miles it looses its charm. Two is that there are a ton of "Big Bob's Fireworks" or names to that effect. Every couple of miles we saw a sign for fireworks.

700 miles and 11 hours later we finally arrived at the hotel. A couple hours later Andrea and Andy met up with us and we went to the Cracker Barrel across the street.

The next morning we leave for the Bonnaroo!

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