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Helsinki Finland to Oslo Norway: 6/6/08

            With a just little more than twenty four hours spent in Helsinki we were back on the move; this time we are off to Oslo Norway . I feel as if we are on some great race to rack up as many countries as humanly possibly. Today we are flying out of Helsinki , greatly reducing the time it would take by train or boat to get to Oslo . The flight from Helsinki to Oslo was a short one but had some good scenery along the way. It is amazing how many islands are off the coast of Finland and Sweden !

            Arriving at the Oslo airport we were once again denied passport stamps; BUMMER!!! We took the train into Oslo and walked across the street to the Clarion Hotel where we will be staying for the next two nights. The weather here is sunny and warm; we must have brought up all the good weather from Italy , and lest the rainy weather in Gimmelwald. This evening we walked down to the harbor area along the pedestrian streets. On the way down there we ran into some scientologist doing free stress tests on the street. Funny thing is I was showing Dave some videos about Scientology and some of the crazy beliefs they have just a few nights back. Would have never thought I would run into them over here. I was waiting for Tom Cruise to come jumping out of nowhere. So many people were down there eating at outdoor restaurants and just out enjoying the warm evening. There was a small food tent set up right at the docks. It had a bunch of fresh fish so Dave and I jumped in line and got the fish special dinner. It had a mix of a bunch of different fish. We got talking to the chef and he ended up giving us a little piece of whale patty. Now normally I would have turned this down in a heartbeat since I think the hunting of whales is such a waste of time. The dinner was amazing!! Even the piece of whale patty tasted very good, it had some spices on it so I am not quite sure how it would have tasted without the spices.

After dinner we walked back up a few other pedestrian streets back to the hotel. Here it is almost 23:30 and is still remarkably light out. I better turn in for the night since we are going to get an early start on the day. I have the entire city to see, and I am going to try to get out on this high speed boat:

It has three 275 horsepower engines and can go over 70 knots!  Sounds like one hell of a good time to me!! Hope I can get out on it.


God Natt from Oslo Norway …

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photo by: sarahsan