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Gimmelwald Switzerland to Copenhagen Denmark: 5/31/08

            Today was a very long day of traveling, just a little over 12 hours to be exact.

Day started off with breakfast in Gimmelwald. It was hard to leave here, I was so comfortable and with how good of a day we had yesterday it was even that much harder to leave. The weather this morning in Gimmelwald was overcast with off and on rain. So that part was not hard to leave! We headed down the cable car and took the bus and train back down to Interlaken . The plan for the day was take a scenic rail ride to see some more of Switzerland before showing up at the Zurich airport for our flight to Copenhagen Denmark .

            The train passed through some amazing mountains and next to some of the bluish green lakes I have ever seen!  By the time we got on the final train to Zurich airport I was ready to be off the trains especially this one since it was so hot and very little air was flowing. We had a few hours to kill at the airport so we checked our bags and went into a big lounge, restaurant, and duty free shops area. Once our gate was posted we headed for the section to go through security. It is so much easier over here in Europe ; no taking off my boots or fussing with so many other things. When boarding time came it was organized chaos in its purest forum. We had assigned seats but people just seemed to line up for no other reason than to stand in a very long line and revert to the herd mentality that people always seem to do when in a big line. Finally on the plane we were getting close to departure time when the captain came on and announced that the skies over Germany were busy and that we would have an additional 40 minute wait on the ground before they could turn on the engines and even think about pushing off from the gate. I pulled out a book that I am currently reading, ‘The Rule of Four.’ It’s a good book so far; easy read. When not reading I kept myself entertained by laughing at the people sitting around Dave. The man in front of him kept putting all his read newspapers and magazines under his seat directly on Dave’s feet. I told Dave to just keep kicking it all back up to the man, but Dave was being too nice. By the time the guy was done I swear Dave had the equivalent of a weeks worth of paper on his feet. The couple sitting right next to Dave was from China . Oh and the wife who on a good day would be struggling to call herself 5’ tall was seated in a seat that has no seat in front of it because of the emergency exit. Why can they not make it a rule that no one 6’ and under can sit in these seats or emergency row seats? If you are small enough to sit in coach and put your foot up on your knee crossing your legs, you are way too small to begin even thinking about sitting in an emergency row! Not too long and the Chinese man had his chin against his chest and was sleeping all the while drooling on himself. He had a very long strain going for a bit, I was going to start betting Dave on how long that guy would get it before he either woke up or it fell into his lap.

Once airborne we hit some turbulence over Germany and they did not even turn on the fasten seatbelt sign once or announce for people to take their seats. The pilot must have been ex-Swiss air force and just thought: “Oh this is not turbulence, this is nothing!” I could see the look of concern in the flight attendance eyes as they wrestled with the drink cart in the aisle, so I knew it was not just a few small bumps. Eventually the air calmed and we made our way to Copenhagen .

Arriving in Copenhagen we went through the usual task of going through customs; I got a stamp for my passport. Then we picked up our bags and set off for the train to take us into the city. We are staying just a few stops away from the center of downtown Copenhagen . Tomorrow we are heading into the city to see the sights before moving on to Sweden . The hotel we are staying at is built RIGHT next to the rail line! If you ever wanted to see how it must feel to be a bum who sleeps down by the train tracks come stay here. When they were looking for a place to put in a hotel did they see the train tracks and say to themselves. “What a great place for a hotel, people will love to hear the train’s rocket past their rooms a mere ten feet away all night long; it will be relaxing just as if they are near the ocean and listening to the surf.” BRILLIANT!!


Unless a train derails tonight and ends up sleeping in my bed with me, my next update should be tomorrow.


Goodnight from Denmark !

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photo by: the_bill