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Positano Day 2: 5/17/08

            Feeling much better today; I am ready to see this beautiful city now.

After a meat, cheese and Nutella sandwich we headed down to the beach to see the rest of Positano. Now to get down to the beach from the hostel we had three options. Take a bus down, walk the many stairs, or just take a tumble down the first staircase and keep rolling until we felt water. We decided to just walk down and save the tumbling down hillsides for the Alps . It was a warm day today, and with one glance you could tell the tourist from the locals. All of tourists were the ones with white skin hanging out in the shade. Walking around we found a nice place in between the shops and sat down for a cold bottle of water and some people watching. Down near the water is where one will find all the tourist shops and art galleries. The setting is the only thing special, everything else you will find in any other touristy town. We opted for the bus ride back up; with the sun still high above us the bus sounded far too good to pass up!

Once again I find myself tired from all long day in the sun, so it is time for a nap. The pace so far of this trip has been very easy. Last year while traveling alone I was running around all day long trying to see as much as I could and to keep myself entertained. It is nice having a buddy along this time to just hangout with when I feel like relaxing and taking in the scenery.

            For dinner I found a suggestion from the Let’s Go travel book I have. The restaurant was just up the hill from our hostel (Da Constantino) the host’s name…are you ready for this. LUIGI!!  He is a very friendly guy, told us about some of the famous people who have dined there. Our server was a very cool guy too. He liked the NBA; well the NBA 15+ years back; he hates Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. This would come back to be a funny thing later on in the evening.

The view from this place was the best we had the entire time we were in Positano. Soon the moon was coming out and reflecting off the sea bellow. Mental note to myself; bring a date to this place next time…LOL!

Not long after we had ordered, a girl sat down behind us by herself. I could hear she was speaking English. As I was snapping away some pictures of the view of Positano Dave asked her where she was from. Turns out she is from the Chicago area and over in Spain on a study abroad program. Wait, did she just say Chicago ? A few minutes later our waiter asks her this same question and then gives us a look after she says Chicago . Dave and I just laughed.

Our dinner was fantastic; I had a pizza and a salad. Dave enjoyed a very nice plate of mixed fried fish with some of the best calamari I have ever tasted! After dinner we invited Alison over to our table to chat with us; she too is staying in the hostel. The three of us walked back down to the hostel; Alison and I stayed up for a few hours chatting out on the terrace about traveling and the like. Turns out she is coming out to Utah for a class she is taking back in the States. In the class they are reading Edward Abbey and traveling out in the four corners region. Just so happens I finished The Monkey Wrench Gang a few months back. She has yet to read this outstanding book. I could have stayed up the entire night chatting with Alison about traveling all over the World, but alas we said our goodnights.


Tomorrow we are off to Naples via Sorrento and Pompeii .

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