Palermo Sicily to Taormina Sicily: 5/14/08

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Palermo Sicily to Taormina Sicily: 5/14/08


            Our second day in Palermo started off with a nice breakfast at the hotel which was included in the price of the room. There we sat on the top floor with an excellent view of the harbor eating our typical European Breakfast (ham, rolls, cereal and yogurt) amongst a bunch of German tourist. I would from time to time catch a few words here and there and listen in on the conversations; felt like I was back in Germany more than I was in Italy .

            We caught the 10:20 Roma train out of Palermo and took that as far as Messina where we jumped on a train to Taormina . Now Taormina sits up on the cliffs above the Mediterranean so you either need to take a bus or taxi up to the city center. We took the bus since the same ride up in a taxi would have cost us 15 euros but on the bus it was 2.30 eac8h. After a hike from the bus stop we found the hostel we would be staying at for the next few nights. It is a very nice place down a quiet street (Odyssey Hostel). Once again a short nap was in order before we would explore the city. We are in an eight bed room, but only have one other guy in the room, a very friendly chap from the Netherlands . He speaks English amazingly well with little to no accent. After the nap we headed out to see the city and get some dinner. We found a nice place called, La Trattoria Pizze Specialita Casarecce; A fresh pizza sounded excellent! After dinner the city center foot traffic had slowed down a bit so it was much more enjoyable walking around snapping a few pictures. The overlooks down to the Mediterranean are amazing!!

Back at the hostel I had told Dave by just looking at our room mate I could tell he would be a snorer. So when we walked into the room at 22:30 , sure enough the man was snoring away.  I guess I have been in enough hostels and can read people very well that with one look I can usually tell who is going to be a snorer and who is not. After some reading I turned the lights out around 23:30 , shortly after our room mate got up and disappeared for awhile. When he returned he broke out a CD player and began to listen to some club music at a very high volume; enough so I was woken from my dreams and was about to get out of my bed and start busting some moves only us white boys would call dancing. Not long after that did he decide that he needed fresh batteries in his player. After dropping the batteries to the hard floor bellow from the top bunk and spending the next few minutes scrambling around to find them he finally settled in and went back to snoring. I was only woken a few more times by him, once because he said something about a cat, so I woke up thinking there was a cat in the room. The next time he swore at someone in his dream; surprisingly all of this was in English.  

fawkes66 says:
Aaaah, thanks so much Judge, for your blog! Going to Taormina later this month and we will check out La Trattoria. Greetings from Holland!
Posted on: Oct 05, 2008
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