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Naples to Rome: 5/19/08

            We walked over to the bus stop and stood waiting for the R2 bus to come along. Many buses were going the other way but I had not seen any Orange city buses. I was not too worried yet because there were plenty locals standing around but I could see by their facial expressions and their body gestures (got to love the Italians and their hand/body gestures) that there something a foot here in Naples .

Dave was content on waiting around for the bus but I was starting to think about making the long walk to the station. I could see the square we needed to get to way down at the end of the street, but time was not on our side. I finally said to Dave; “If we are going to make this train we got to go NOW!”

So off we went down the street with me guiding the way through the sidewalks full of people diving for shelter as this mass of man and bag came hurtling towards them as Dave followed in my wake. I noticed he was falling behind because he had to drag his bags over the curbs, so I stepped back and grabbed his second bag and resumed my relentless surge forward through the crowds. Arriving at the train station sweating buckets and sporting some soar legs from that hurried walk we just made our train. I was very much looking forward to just relaxing on the train now.

At first it was nice and cool in our car compared to running down the street with a good 60lbs worth of gear between my full bag and Dave’s bag. Soon an American couple from North Carolina sat down in the seats next to us. We had a nice conversation with them along the ride to Rome . Not long after we pulled out of the station I noticed it was getting very warm in the car we were stuck in. After walking to another car I realized how hot it was in our car. The next few hours we were stuck in a warm car with very little air circulation; just glad it was not summer time!

The plan once we hit Rome was to catch a taxi and get to the hotel we would be staying at, drop off our luggage and go like the wind to see the sights of Rome .

Next stop Rome.

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photo by: spocklogic