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Flam Norway: 6/8-9/08

            Our train is scheduled to leave Oslo at 08:11 and the breakfast buffet starts at 07:30 , so it was a hurried up breakfast/make a few sandwiches for lunch. Lucky for us the central station is right across the street from where we are staying so it was a quick walk over to catch the train. Our seats where next to a family from the Boston area and a guy from Melbourne Australia ; we ended up talking to all of them for the majority of the trip. By the end of the ride we had exchanged cards and made good friends yet again. That is one of the joys of traveling like this is meeting new people from all over the world, and other Americans that share the same passion for traveling the world.

The train ride itself was a very dramatic one; going from warm climate in Oslo to a snow covered mountain top back down a very steep slope into a lush green valley with waterfalls and the beginning of one of the fjords just past the end of the tracks; this is where one will find Flam Norway . It was a short walk to the hostel we will be staying at for the next three nights. The weather here is good at the moment, but it looks as if it will change and continue to change throughout our stay here. Dave and I got settled into our room then walked into the town of Flam . Well I would not call it a town but more of a train stop with a small grocery store and a few cafes. Being Sunday the grocery store closed at 15:00 and here it was 17:00 . Much too early to eat, but we are bored already and there is not much to do here. We hike down to the end of the land before it dips into the water. The amazing thing about this water is that it is the ocean. Here we are a few hundred miles away from the ocean yet it has come all the way inland through the fjords. After walking around for a bit we decided it was close enough to dinner time to eat. Both of us had an excellent Salmon dinner at one of the cafes, I even indulged myself with a slice of Cheesecake for desert. Now that dinner was out of the way we pondered on what to do. Times like this it is very nice to have the laptop loaded with movies. We started watching a movie when suddenly one of the owners of the hostel came in and said someone was here looking for us. My friend Angelica finally made it here. She had stopped on the way here and took a 5 hour nap; that was after she told herself she would just close her eyes for a half an hour or so. The rest of the evening the three of us sat around talking and laughing a lot.

Next thing we knew it was almost midnight and it was still plenty bright outside; looked as if it was 19:00 not MIDNIGHT!

            The next day we were going to rent bikes and put them on the train taking the train half way back up the mountain then ride the bikes back down. Only problem is that the weather was constantly changing on us. One minute it looked very threatening and the next the sun would peak out. We decided to take a picnic and hike up to a waterfall that would give us a commanding view of the city and the start of the fjord. After a steep hike up to the start of the waterfall we found a nice patch of grass with a million dollar view (we have had several of these views this trip) and sat down to enjoy a picnic and talk. Finally the sun came out for a few minutes and it felt so good to sit in the sun. The spring has come very late here so things are in full blossom and so is all the pollen. Wish I would have brought more allergy meds with me! The hike back down was fun; I made my way down the hill in leaps and bounds wishing the whole time I was on my bike. After the hike I crashed for a good nap. We found a hotel that has wireless service but it is password protected so I just casually asked the reception if they had wireless and they gave Dave and I 24hr access to their network. I was expecting them to ask what room we were staying in but they did not; goes to show that it never hurts to ask. We were going to cook dinner back at the hostel, but yet again the grocery store closed early on us and there we were again back at the cafĂ© eating dinner. After dinner it was movie night at Cinema Judge; we finished watching the movie Dave and I started the other night. After that we watched a short BBC special on how George Bush stole the election in 2000; that was VERY interesting.

            Tomorrow is suppose to be very rainy and already outside it had begun to rain. So I am not sure what we will be doing. One idea is to take a small boat cruise through this fjord. It is not nearly as fast as the boat I wanted to go on in Oslo but I saw it out on the water and it still moves plenty fast. The company provides people with full wet/cold suites so with rainy weather this might be our only option unless we want to go on another cold wet bike ride or hike.

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photo by: mountaingirl