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Oslo Norway: 6/7/08

            Well it never got dark last night; at 03:00 there was still some light high up in the sky. After a good breakfast at the hotel, and yes I made sure I packed a good lunch while at the breakfast buffet. We were off to hit the town before the sun got high up in the sky and begins to bake this city. The Resistance Museum was first on the list of sights to see. It is located down at the harbor on the same grounds as the castle. I greatly enjoyed this museum since I consider myself a student of WWII history. After walking through the museum we walked up on the high castle walls. There were a handful of cannons covered up and I could tell that they are used on a regular basis. No sooner did I point this out, up came a bunch of soldiers to prepare these guns for the 12:00 firing. We stuck around to watch them fire all 21 shots from the cannons. I had my earplugs with me so I stood just off to the side off the cannons to shoot video of the firing. When the first one went off, the concussion was a little of a shock. A few guys attempted to stand up near me and take pictures and videos; after a few shots they went running for cover. I laugh that hundreds of people gather around to watch the 13:00 gun fired once at the Edinburgh Castle , and here they fire 21 shots and less than 50 people were there to watch this.

It was hard to leave the shade and the cool breeze from up on top of the walls of the castle. We headed down to take a tram around the city to do a little sightseeing from the tram. After a little more than half way to our destination I caught sight of the hotel and I was jumping out of that hot tram as fast as I could. I was done, well baked. It feels much better back in the nice cool room relaxing. Going to go hit up the swimming pool in a little bit and just relax until the sun starts to set. Today in the shade it is 89 degrees, out in the sun I am sure it close to 95.

            I took a good nap this afternoon and just relaxed indoors while it was so hot outside. While walking around today I noticed a bunch of stages being set up all over the city. The Oslo music festival is going on today so that would explain all the stages. After searching online I found out that one of my favorite bands is in town; Ministry. I could not believe that this band was in town the night I am here. I checked into tickets and they are going for $53. OUCH!!! I was going to bite the bullet and just go for it since this is their farewell tour and I had to miss them when they were playing in SLC a month back. An online friend of mine I know threw a traveling website called came into town to meet up and hangout with Dave and I. Her name is Liz, she use to live in Oslo but now lives an hour north of the city. The three of us walked back down by the harbor and had some drinks and chatted for hours. Around the time the concert was going to start Liz and I walked back towards the hotel and we just ended up chatting for the next several hours. I decided to skip the concert because I have seen these guys play a few times already, $53 was not worth it, and Liz and I were having a very nice time talking about traveling, our countries and everything else under the sun.

            Tomorrow Dave and I are off to Flam Norway where hopefully I will be able to meet up with my other Norwegian friend who Colin and I meet in ’06 while staying in Slovenia
Quest says:
I'm so glad you had a good time and that I had the chance to meet you. I sure hope we can meet again in the nearest future.. :o))

Say Hi to Dave from me..
Posted on: Oct 05, 2008
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