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Taormina Day 2: 5/15/08


            Today started off very slow; I got out of bed around 08:00 and after a shower I sat in the room talking with Dave and our snoring friend from the Netherlands . We talked world politics, 9/11 theories, the US presidential race and so much more. It was nice sitting around relaxing and just having a good conversation with a foreigner; this is one of my favorite parts of traveling! Speaking of our new friend, he was just recently in Salt Lake City . He was traveling in the US and went to SLC. I had no idea there was a hostel in SLC but now I do since he stayed in the hostel there.

Getting off the subject a bit; I am sitting in the room right now writing this up and next door is a worker singing in Italian while he is working on the house.

            Dave and I headed down to the Teatro Greco (Greek Theater). It is a very neat structure with an AMAZING view! The Mediterranean bellow and Mt. Etna in the background; but we have been unlucky so far when it comes to being able to see Mt. Etna . The clouds have been hanging around the volcano ever since we got here. Last week there were some eruptions and the girl running the hostel said she could see the lava coming down the mountainside at night. I hope the clouds clear out and I could see such a sight.  We did some more walking around the city before grabbing a nice lunch then walked through a park with some spectacular views. Here it is 16:30 and it is time for nap after writing this up.  

            We walked back into the main town and got a bite to eat. After dinner we walked back over to see if we could see Mt. Etna . The whole day I just had a feeling things would clear out and we would be able to see Mt. Etna. Sure enough there she was and low and behold there was some lava flowing out of the top. It was one of the neatest sights I have seen! Every once and awhile it would damn itself up then break through in two different streams. From the distance we were watching this; it reminded me of watching forest fires at home from a distance. From time to time Etna would let off a little burp and a good amount of lava would flow out. I got some pictures but from the distance I was shooting it was quite hard to get real good pictures.

            That night I got a bit of a stomach ache, I think it is from all the rich Italian food over here. After reading my Bill Bryson book from 03:00-06:00 I finally fell asleep before having to wake up at 08:30 to start a very long day of traveling.  


Next stop the famous Amalfi Coast .

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photo by: Vlindeke