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Bergen to Amsterdam (Last Day): 6/12/08

            Well the day I knew would come way to quick has arrived; the final day of the Euro Trip ’08. It is always inevitable that this day comes to all great adventures, but I always hope I can postpone it as long as possible.

            After getting ready in Bergen we jumped in the airport bus; which I think is just a fancier city bus that they can charge people more to ride. It took us a good 40 minutes to wind through the city and surrounding neighborhoods. I was expecting him to start stopping at houses to pick people up! He even dropped a person off that was not going to the airport. At one stop people loaded their bags underneath where Dave and I had our bags. Well the last person did not close the luggage door and the bus driver went to take off with it open. I jumped out of my seat yelling to “HAULT!” Since the guy who failed to close it along with the bus driver was too lazy to close it I got off the bus and closed the door.

            The flight from Bergen to Amsterdam was through KLM on a 737. I had an emergency row window seat so all was good for me. After arriving in Amsterdam we headed to the Hilton at the airport where we will be staying for the night. Dave used some of his reward points for us to stay here tonight. After checking in we got into the room and the phone rang. The front desk now wanted more points to stay here; flashbacks from the experience Colin and I had in Prague came flooding into my mind. After Dave talked to 4 different people over the course of an hour and still did not get an answer. Since this was eating into our last day here we just decided to go into the city and deal with all this later.

            First thing on the agenda was to take a canal boat ride. In ’05 when I was here with Colin that was one of the things we never got time to do. We jumped on a boat and basically had a private boat. We shared the back boat with a couple from New Zealand . The four of us had a good chat while going around through the canals of Amsterdam . After a few minutes we quickly found out that this would be no tour, just a ride through the canals; which was ok. It was really neat to see the city from this vantage point; glad I finally got to do this. After the boat ride Dave and I just walked around the city. We ended up down near the Anne Frank house; I quickly got my bearings and began to lead Dave back towards the hostel Colin and I stayed at in ’05. Along the way we found an excellent restaurant (Restaurant het Zwaantje). After a very good meal I was off to find the hostel Colin and I stayed at. After walking down a few streets I found the street corner he and I stood at for hours after arriving in town while we waited for the hostel to open. A wave of flashbacks hit my like a tsunami. It was very strange to walk down these streets that I remembered so well from three years prior. I really never thought I would be back walking down these streets again. Wish you could have been here Colin!

On the way back to the train station we walked into the Red Light District to see how things were going there. I have only been over here once before and it was much later at night. Not much was going on tonight, the sun was still setting so things looked normal, or as normal as they possibly can when there is big signs in neon that read “SEX SHOP”.

Well it was finally time to say good bye to Amsterdam and head back on the train to the Hilton at the airport. On the way into Amsterdam this afternoon I pointed out the station I had to make a mad dash to find a taxi because of a broken down train in ’05. I just barley made my flight home that year. No sooner did we pass that station tonight, the train came to a dead stop on the tracks. Dave just gave me a look….Several times on this trip I have been talking about one thing and within a few minutes that thing appears. One of these things happened to be a DHL canal boat today in Amsterdam . Another time I was talking about the new Mini Clubman cars, and the coupdegras would be talking about running into Rick Steves on this trip and then we did.

            Well it has been a very fun trip; I have seen 7 new countries and covered several thousand miles by train, plane, boat and bus. I am not ready to head home yet, and already good to go for another trip. I hope you have enjoyed reading about some my adventures that I have had on this trip as much as I have enjoyed having them and writing about them. I will post all my pictures when I get home and make sure you all get e-mailed a link for the pictures as soon as they are up; could take awhile since I have taken a little over 1,300 pictures.


Goodnight one last time from Europe …Next stop Atlanta Georgia , USA !

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