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Flam to Gudvangen to Voss to Bergen: 6/11/08

            Today is going to be a busy day of traveling via boat, bus, and train.

The original plan was to catch the 11:05 boat out of town but it starts running in July so we were stuck until 13:20 . This gave us some more time to hangout with Angelica which was nice. The three of us had some food at the café and talked about future trips. We said our goodbyes and boarded the boat to Gudvangen. Thanks for coming out to Flam Angelica, it was great seeing you!

            The boat ride through the fjords was amazing! So many times we got so close to the walls of the mountain, but there was never a worry about sandbars or beaches. We passed through the deepest fjord in the world; it is over 3,000ft deep! Now this would be the place to give someone some cement shoes; no one is finding them at that depth. It is hard to imagine while sitting on the boat that the bottom is some 3,000ft bellow us. Wonder what kind of creatures is lurking down there? Nessie are you down there? 

            I am sitting in the hostel right now typing this up and I can hear in the distance Foo Fighter playing the song (Hero). They are in town tonight playing; I can’t stand them so here I sit typing up this instead of joining the mass of people down at the concert. It is still kind of funny sitting here hearing the band play and everyone screaming. It is 22:20 and the sun is still setting in the distance; this is amazing!

            Back to my trip today; so last I left off I was passing under snowcapped mountains with waterfalls that fell thousands of feet eventually going into the fjord. This truly was amazing and I agree with Rick Steves. If you visit Norway and don’t take a cruise down the fjords you should have your passport revoked! After the cruise through the fjords we jumped on a buss that took us up to Voss. Along the way the buss heads up the steepest road in Norway ; 18% grade!!! Good thing no buses were coming down the road, just one car and one van. The guy in the van must have been looking off at the scenery because he just about ran into the front end of the bus. Once we were past the several steep switchbacks we were out of the fjord. I don’t know what it is about bus rides but man do they make me sleepy. The only thing that was keeping me awake was watching a Japanese tourist in front of us falling asleep. He would start falling asleep then jerk his head back upright; this went on for several miles and gave me enough amusement to keep me awake. The train ride from Voss to Bergen was a straight shot with just a few stops along the way. It had some nice scenery as we skirted along the side of a big lake for many miles.   

            Bergen gets over 200” of rain a year and every time Dave has been here it is raining. So stepping out from the train station I was ready for it to be pissing down from the get go. It was a little overcast with some blue sky and sun from time to time. Very strange for this city! We checked into our hostel and headed out to take a quick walk around the city. Eventually we ended up at Pepe’s Pizza where I had a $23 hamburger and Dave had a $19 salad.!!!  25% food tax here!!!  OUCH!!! Well with that I was ready to call it a night! So here I am back at the hostel typing this up watching the sunset at 23:00 and listening to the Foo Fighters along with all the screaming Seagulls that are flying around here.

            Well tomorrow is the last day of this grand adventure. Went by far too fast and I am so not ready to head home. I could easily spend another month over here. Dave e-mailed Tim at Walters to see if there are any jobs in the area; preferably one at a bike shop for me that would also allow me to take people out on English speaking mountain bike guided tours. I could easily be talked into hang out in the Swiss Alps for the summer biking.

            Tomorrow we are flying to Amsterdam . We might go to The Hague (Den Haag) for the day since both of us have already been to Amsterdam . If not we will head into Amsterdam and take a canal tour and just hang out and enjoy the last day.


            A few funny things from last night after lights out. We are sharing the room with an older Italian couple, a guy from Mexico City and one from Tenerife . The Italian couple came in right around 23:30 when I was just finishing up reading for the night. They began banging doors, going in and out of the bathroom door which is inches away from my head on the bunk; finally they turned out the lights and I plugged in my mp3 player queuing up my sleep music. Soon one of the nastiest odors I have smelt in my life grabbed me by my nose and just about threw me to the ground bellow. The Italians had taken off their shoes and I just about lost it. People who know me well know that I have the nose of a blood hound. I asked Dave if he smelt that nasty odor, but it took him a few minutes before he caught a whiff. I am surprised he didn’t see the green cloud of death floating in the room before he smelt it. It kind of reminded me of the green cloud of death in the movie ‘Ten Commandments.’ After smothering my nose into the sheets I was finally able to block out the smell and fade off into my dreams. A little after midnight the Tenerife guy came in making very little noise. I fell back asleep until the Mexico City guy came in around 03:30 . Again I started up my music and went back to sleep; this would be a theme that would be repeated several times the rest of the night. Around 05:00 someone’s phone began to ring and ring. After about 10 rings I yelled out, “Either answer the phone or turn it OFF!” The Italian lady got up muttering something, which Dave later said sounded as “Sorry.” She then walked into the bathroom and then back out leaving the door and all its miraculous 05:00 light streaming right into my eyes. Once again I queued up my music and went back to sleep. Around 05:50 the screaming gulls outside woke me up, I was just about ready to call it good and leave that place. I decided to try to sleep until my alarm was set for 08:00 . Around 07:00 I woke up and jumped into the shower hoping to get a nice warm shower. How quickly I forget I am at a YMCA youth hostel where they treat you as a YOUTH! The shower was limited on how hot one could make it and at that hour it was not nearly hot enough!!


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photo by: CFD