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Someone told me once that this type of butterfly was only after the salt in the sweat of my hand.

This really doesn’t fall into a "trip" or "travel" but what the heck.  It happened.

I know I have mentioned in the past that I have I seem to have a connection with animals.  And most of the time when I try to connect, if I get a response, it is favorable.  Oh, they don’t speak to me, or hold up a leg and wave, or anything like that, but somehow you sense a connection is made.

It’s easy to feel a bit foolish trying to make a connection, but that never has stopped me from trying.  I have always been one of those people who did things a little outside the box.  Tries to connect by setting myself out where they would feel comfortable.

One of my best connections ever came back in the summer of 1998.

Yeah, like I beieve that!
  At that time I smoked, and every afternoon when I came home from work I’d go out into my backyard to have a cigarette.  One day I saw a small butterfly flying around the yard.  I went out farther into the center of the yard and watched as the butterfly moved around from one area and bush to another.

Then I held my hand out towards it and said, "Come see me."  I stood still with my arm out and my hand held palm up.  The butterfly continued to flit about the yard and didn’t seem to respond.  But after I asked again, it came and lit on my hand.

It stayed on my hand for a minute or maybe two that day.  I was so excited and pleased I could hardly stand it.  I tried not to move very much but when I did the butterfly didn’t fly away.

We had much more in common than that.

The next day, after work, I tried again.  I stood out in the middle of the yard, waiting for the little butterfly to appear.  And when I saw it I would hold my hand out for it.  And again it came and sat on my hand.  Again, for as long as two minutes.

Each day from early July through mid-August I went out and each day it landed on my hand, my chest, or my head.  And each time it stayed for at least thirty seconds.  I felt like I had made a real connection.

Finally, on August 17, 1998 I asked my wife to get the camera and take some pictures so that people could see what was happening. She did, and the following pictures are what we got.  It should also be noted that when we asked for it to open its wings to show its beauty it did.  From both wings up touching to fully opened.

There were a total of thirty-five days in a row that this same little butterfly came and connected with me.  I felt blessed.


bgslovie says:
That is such a sweet story. You were blessed with the presence of this butterfly. I am happy to see that you truly took advantage of it and enjoyed it.
Posted on: Aug 18, 2007
sunsetrosebud says:
You need to ask Amanda about her butterfly experience. Not so good!!
Posted on: Apr 28, 2007
OurWorldTrip says:
Aw, that is such a lovely story :)
Posted on: Oct 09, 2006
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Someone told me once that this typ…
Someone told me once that this ty…
Yeah, like I beieve that!
Yeah, like I beieve that!
We had much more in common than th…
We had much more in common than t…
And for those asking, yes, I do th…
And for those asking, yes, I do t…
photo by: Hummingbird