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When we were much younger, our summer vacations were quite different than the ones we take today.  Time and money were slim.  So we would drive up from southern California, where we lived at that time, to Fresno to visit with my wife’s family.  One year we were offered her father’s pickup and camper and we took our two boys to Yosemite for a couple of days.  About two hours later we found the only camping spots in Yosemite were up at Glacier point.  Glacier Point overlooks the valley but is at a pretty high altitude.  During the day, cool but nice weather made frisbee and horseshoes a fun way to pass the time and play with the boys.  Dinner was fun camping food, hot dogs roasted on sticks, pork and beans, roasted marshmallows, and of course hot chocolate.  But as soon as the sun went down the temperature dropped quickly.  What had been 60 or 70 during the day, was now down close to freezing.  But not having prepared for the cold meant we had no heavy coats, sweaters or headgear and gloves.  That meant an early bedtime.  Into the camper we went to snuggle under the blankets with our clothes still on.  We talked for awhile but soon drifted off to sleep.

But about two hours later, near midnight, we were awakened by noise nearby.  The camper only had one window, and that was in the rear door.  We looked out and were lucky enough to see directly behind our truck, about twenty yards away, was another pickup truck with no camper, parked in a camping spot. The two folks had rolled out their bedrolls in the bed of the truck and placed a food cooler at the end near the cab, not the smartest of campers. This must have been their first camping experience.

But as we watched a quite large bear was reaching into the bed of the truck to take food from that cooler that was right against the cab of the truck.  She had shoed her two cubs up a tree nearby for safety and had crushed one cooler on the camping table and then moved to the pickup to get more.  The campers in that truck were asleep in the bed of the truck and woke as the huge bear stared down at them.  She was only inches away.  They somehow managed to scamper out the opposite side of the bed and into the cab where they quickly started the truck and all but peeled rubber getting out the there.  The bear only raised her front legs as if to make sure the truck didn’t hurt her as it sped away.  She went back to the crushed cooler on the table and went through that food until she finally called her cubs down and they wandered off.

By the way, those campers never came back for any of the equipment they left.  I think they may have been happy to have made it out with their lives! J

darkeclipser says:
Such a funny story you shared there. Lessons learned though. :)
I went to Yosemite for a photography shoot. I would like to share my own captured images for Yosemite National Park Photography.
Posted on: Aug 04, 2013
pushirubiano says:
Funny bear story! (well, not really for those campers...)
Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
WaltJake says:
I'm sure they learned a valuable lesson!
Posted on: Jun 19, 2007
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