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It's about time I actually got off my butt and did something. I've gone through a couple years of pitiful apathy, and I'm kinda getting back into the swing of actually enjoying life and being healthy about it. I got tired of wishing I was out traveling and finally started forcing myself to do it. It's getting easier. I won't go into the depressing details of my dispirited lethargy, but it was worth it to mention since I make this trip out to be something significant, but isn't really by a typical traveler's standards. Hell, it was a 3 hour drive, at most.

Yeah, Keene isn't too far away from where I live. I forced myself over there (I had been having the typical second thoughts about it, making stupid excuses why I shouldn't even leave the house).  But I had already told Mel (my sister) I was coming to visit, and she was waiting for me. So I kicked myself out of the house.

Once I hit the road though, my craptastic apathy melted away, as it usually does (yes, the hardest step for me is just making it out the door), and I made good time to Keene.

Mel was fine, I can't believe she's already halfway through college (and I would be graduating this year, sheesh), and she seems like she's having the most fun of her life, being away from home. I suppose I probably would too (I tried college at first; my college trials are fit for a seperate story). After Wiiing and XBox 360ing and PS3ing for a while (activities I'm trying to stay away from, as I get addicted easily), we slept and planned for a hike. The next morning, I was up with the sun, of course, as I always am, something that's inconvenient in a college setting where everyone else wakes up at noon or later, especially considering it was a Saturday.

Anyway, we ended up hiking Monadnock, which cost $4 a person (ergh, hate spending money on walking), and I fared pretty well (I jogged a lot last fall and only regressed a little bit during the colder winter months where I couldn't bear going outside at all, nevermind jogging). We took the steepest path, which turned out to be a moderately demanding hike, though a bit short lived.

The best part though, was the summit. Not for the view. Not for the 8 or 9 falcons flying around together (I hadn't realized they do that). But because a little personal airplane came screaming over our heads, probably no more than 100 or 200 feet above us. It scared the living crap out of me, but was instantly amazing in retrospect. There were also a bunch of college d-bags saying some pretty nasty things about 10 feet away from a family replete with a little boy and little girl (I don't have any problem with brutal language seeing as I use it myself quite a bit, but when you're near a couple of young kids... ignorance).

A fun game of Balderdash rounded off the weekend nicely.

Ugh, I really have to start doing major stuff again.
ElectroSpecter says:
Ironically, I have video games to thank for my love of travel, at least partly.
Posted on: May 08, 2008
PrissyT says:
you should. Major stuff just makes the time go by faster and easier. glad you are trying to get off of your addiction to video games. my friend isn't where you are yet. he's still into them, plays them all the time!
Posted on: May 07, 2008
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