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Driving in Ibiza

So we drove across the island of Ibiza to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen ! I start swimming in the water and see a tiny jellyfish, I alert my friend that there is a jellyfish and swim around him. Then I see a clearing in the sea bottom, it is a patch of sand surrounded by coral. I proclaim that I will swim down there, my friend says, "Are you sure it's safe ?" I state, "I am not scared!" and proceed to swim to the clearing. Well 1 minute later I am screaming my head off! My friend thinks maybe I got a cramp of some sort ?? Then realizes oh jellyfish ! He helps me out of the water, we go to the lifeguard stand, where there is the hottest lifeguard ever by the way, and the lifeguard puts some clear stuff on it and tells me to stay out of the sun.

There it is, the infamous Jellyfish Scar ! (this picture was taken at a club in Berlin about a week after the jellyfish attack! yes it was ALOT worse).
We walk to the restaurant overlooking the beach and on the way all of these people, mostly topless by the way, stop me to ask if I am ok. I try to muster through my tears, "yes, yes I am fine thank you", of course one of the guys I am with starts engaging in conversation with the topless girls, um helloooooo girl in tears here (and trust me I have a high pain tolerance, takes alot for me to cry).  So we finally make it to the restaurant and we order food, well while we are waiting for the food my arm starts getting really hot & swelling up. The spots where the jellyfish tentacles hit me are turning red by now so I can see exactly where they are & I see that they are all over my arm, leg, ear etc... and the ones on my arm are now blistering.  Realizing this is not so normal, my friend takes a picture of this and goes to show the life guard so I don't have to go into the sun again. Apparantely upon seeing this picture the lifeguard freaks and tells him to get me to a hospital right away ! We drive around and find a little hospital, it was so clean, so white & so empty ! We try to explain to the nurse what happened to my arm, I finally get a piece of paper and draw it and alas I learn the spanish word for jellyfish, Medusa ! :o) So this doctor comes to get me, has me drop my bathing suit bottom, gives me a huuuuge shot in my butt, not pleasant ! lol and gives me little white pills to take. Now I realize now I probably should have asked what was in the shot, or what type of pills I was taking, but at the time anything was better than the excrutiating pain, and I really didn't want anyone peeing on me !  After the hospital, we actually went back to the beach, with my arm covered with some gauze. We went to the other side of the beach this time, which was completely nude ! Lots of older men in their birthday suits ! The best was the old man playing paddle ball with his young son, who was modestly in a swimming suit. My one friend decides this is too much for him, so he goes to sit at a little cafe overlooking the beach, while me & my other friend go back to the beach. Twenty minutes later we look up to see him enjoying an ice pop as a 70 year old lady is leaning over to talk him. Oh and did I mention that she is completely nude, except for a crocheted coverup, with lots of holes, and 2 big ones in, um, strategic places LOL.  All in all it was a memorable day :o) 

babyaly1 says:
And that was a week after ! I ended up in a Spanish hospital. I think perhaps the jellyfish are stronger in Spain lol. I got stung 2 other times both in Mexico. hmm maybe Spanish speaking jelly fish just don't like me ! lol
Posted on: Jun 26, 2010
Rin21 says:
I got stung my a jellyfish once, but it was nothing compared to yours! Oowweee!
Posted on: Jun 26, 2010
armchairathlete says:
I'm wincing just thinking of it!
Posted on: Sep 14, 2008
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Driving in Ibiza
Driving in Ibiza
There it is, the infamous Jellyfis…
There it is, the infamous Jellyfi…
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