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My life in a nutshell (8200 cu in. travel bag packing space). Modeling as my next career??? nahhh.

I'm off. Flight hasn't been too unbearable so far. Although theres some kid, Jack, sitting behind me who I might volunteer my back hand to if he doesn't settle down and watch his damn HandyMandy show.

So leaving the house this morning better be the hardest part about this whole trip, because any worse than that and I may as well throw in the towel now. My dog. My baby girl. Why does she have to be so damn smart? If only she were a pure bred, simple minded, pug I could get one over on her. I could busy myself with shopping, packing, and all that and she would know nothing of it. She'd play with the kids in the yard, she'd steal food from the babies hands, she'd lounge in the best seat in the house and be content like it were any other weekend trip up to mom's.

Roxy's yard for the summer
But damn her female intuition. She didn't settle down one bit. She was more nervous than me. She wouldn't leave my side for an instant. It's almost as if she were petrified I may leave and not take her with me. And of course she was right. Everytime I sat by the door to put my shoes on she'd paw at my legs and when I didn't respond she'd crawl herself into my lap. I couldn't stand it. I tried so hard to put on a brave face this morning as I gave her my final (shut up Jack!) farewell but once out of sight I broke down and damn near hyperventilated. Thank god for Marco, my 3 year old nephew, if he wasn't chatting up a storm in the backseat the whole drive to the airport I never would have stopped crying. My family can drive me nuts but they're a great distraction. They'll be a great distraction for little Roxy as well. I hope she doesn't feel too abandoned, I hope she doesn't blame herself. Ugh. Ok. 4 months 3 weeks away from seeing her again....

mickeyd302 says:
I have been on a few flights where I wanted to backhand a lot of people. You are not alone.
Posted on: May 18, 2008
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My life in a nutshell (8200 cu in.…
My life in a nutshell (8200 cu in…
Roxys yard for the summer
Roxy's yard for the summer
my niece Hailey-Jade (im gonna mi…
my niece Hailey-Jade (i'm gonna m…
photo by: MarnieElder