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After a peaceful night sleeping in the car, I head west through peaceful countryside deeper into Virginia.  I know exactly where I have to go next:  Woodstock, Virginia.

 This is more of a pilgrimage of sorts.  As I approach this small 1 street unremarkable town, memories flood back from August 2003.  At that time I was living a pretty ordinary middle class life with a steady job, a family and an apartment in a nice part of town.  But pressure was building inside of me.  I was hearing the call of the wild drawing me back to the crazy impulsive things I would do back in my younger years. 

Then one afternoon, after going alone to watch the movie “28 Days Later” about a world where civilization has collapsed, I suddenly snapped.  It just all came back to me that feeling that I could just break free from the expectations of society and modern civilization and just wander the globe endlessly.  I started driving with the crazy thought in my head “what if I were to just keep going and never come back?”

Two hours later I reached Woodstock where I stopped my car and walked around for a bit until my head cleared.  Then, of course that voice of insanity faded, and I drove back to my ordinary middle class life.  

But that event turned out to be the seed that led to a big change in my life.  Just a few months later I figured out a way to both heed the Call of the Wild—and at the same time still hold onto a “civilized life” a job, a family and a place to live.  It was the beginning of a Big Adventure… an adventure that I’m still living today…

Back to the present

And so here I am, back in Woodstock, relishing the life that I now live and paying homage the the spot where that seed was planted. 

I stroll on down Main Street, take a video clip in front of its unpretentious courthouse, past a cheery sidewalk cafes, and of course the ever present Civil War marker telling of the troops that marched through here.  I remember how, after years of living in Pennsylvania, coming here to the “south” for the first time felt kind of like coming to a foreign country.


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photo by: nathanphil