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As I approach my next town, Leesburg, I get flashbacks of a rather unique experience I had last year while on my Open Mike tour.

 After playing at an Open Mike in Rockville, Maryland I felt I still had more to give--so I figured I'd go check out another Open Mike in Leesburg, Virginia.  Only problem:  there's no bridge to go directly across the Potomac river.  

"There's a ferry" one of the guys at the Open Mike suggested.

 So I took the winding back roads following the signs.  Finally I arrived at the river.  The landing was dark and completely empty (it was almost ten o'clock at night)--then I say the ferry approaching--well, it was more like a raft attached to a cable--like the way folks cross the jungle rivers down in South America.

   The lonely ferryman signaled for me to drive aboard... then we slowly inched our way across the Potomac river...

 A really cool, mysterious kind of experience...

 A few minutes later I arrived in this immaculately preserved little Southern town--with narrow streets and beautiful stone, brick and log buildings built close together giving the place a real cozy feel... I arrived at a lively bar where about 10 guys were doing a bluegrass jam session and asked if I could still sign up for the Open Mike...

 It was also refreshing to see a black fellow (he played the saxophone in a later set) who seemed very much at ease mingling with the crowd of rowdy, drunk southeners...

 Back to the present

 Here I’m back again, enjoying this classy Southern town in the daylight.  This time I play my songs on a shady bench right along Main Street, wander around a little, past a biker bar that looks interesting… then I find something else quite unexpected—a shop selling exclusively Moroccan home decorations!   I wouldn’t think that there would be much of a market for that in a small out of the way town in Virginia—but it’s a heartwarming sight nonetheless.

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photo by: nathanphil