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It’s taken me another 3 three weeks to break away again—this time I’m on my way to New York to pick up my brother at the airport.  So I head out really early to do some exploring on the way…

 Last time I explored Allentown, Pennsylvania was February 2005 on my way to the airport to go to China.  It was freezing cold--the sidewalks were covered with ice and I almost crashed my rental car because it simply wouldn't stop while sliding down a hill.

 Now the weather's much nicer--The trees are in bloom and white collar office workers and low income city folk mingle on Hamilton Ave, giving the city a friendly vibe...

 Here are some things you might want to check out if you visit Allentown.

.. Try some Salvadorean pupusas there on Hamilton (Allentown seems to have a big Latino influence)... a block or so down, there a quirky "Lost Art" store where you can buy anything from a shrunken skull to a 500,000$ extremely rare jade stork from China from a very talkative fellow (at least that's what he claimed)... A little farther down there's a little (free) museum with a replica of the Liberty bell (which actually made a visit to Allentown at one time)...  And then, if you're really lucky, like me, you'll see two women get into an all out catfight right there on Main Street... I thought it was cool to see bystanders try to pull the women apart until the police arrived (good neighborhood spirit)--and there were no guns involved!  (I guess they're just old fashioned here in Allentown...)

 So, yeah, Allentown can be a fun place to visit.

 I took my clip right on the main drag.  While I was playing my set a passerby hollered out "you should open up your guitar case--you could make a hundred dollars a day doing that!" 

 I don't think so...

 Another fun experience in a place with an urban feel to it.

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photo by: WalterC