0124. Don't disrespect Mercersburg (USA 056--revisit)

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If you tell folks you’re from Mercersburg, you’ll probably get a smirk.  Folks in Chambersburg and Hagerstown see it as a hick town “where you can’t even buy a pair of shorts”. 

 But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Sure Mercersburg has no Walmart and no McDonald’s—but it does have character!  It’s got a rustic, old fashioned Main Street with an old theatre a cozy little restaurant.  Then there’s the stately campus of Mercersburg Academy just 2 blocks away… So give Mercersburg some respect…

And it doesn’t have any sprawl…

So as parkbenching towns go, I ain’t got nuthun’ bad to say about that there Mercersburg…

As I take a quick stroll around town, I remember paying a quick visit to this place back in January 2005.  I had just rented a car in Hagerstown, and I wanted to explore something new before going home and off on a family vacation the next day.  So I headed down a back road to discover Mercersburg and was pleasantly surprised by the small town charm of this place.

That was one of little “pre-adventures” that helped prepare me for this Adventure Life I’m living today.

 And then suddenly I hear the clock strike twelve, and I have to race back to Real Life before my carriage turns into a pumpkin.


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photo by: nathanphil