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Poster Child for Post-Wedding Hangover!

Ugh, my head hurt this morning.  Might have been the mixing of the wine, the beer, and the vodka drinks.  I am sure that the final drink of the night did not help -- a sweet, thick concoction made by a cousin of the Bride (Mary Ann) from Tequila Rose (a pink tequila liqueur) and Butterscotch Schnapps.  I guess that I agreed to do the Seattle to Portland bicycle ride in July with Mary Ann while I was drinking the pink thing.  160 miles in two days -- no problem!  9000 Riders?  No problem.  We'll see. 

A couple of Advil and a cup of coffee, and I was good to go.

Paul and I stopped in at the Cottage Bakery again for coffee (no one asked if Paul had been out digging clams today, much to my dismay), and then it was on to the hotel where all of the rest of the wedding party was staying.

With Mary Ann at farewell breakfast
  From the looks of things, I was not the only one with an aching head.   One of the Groom's nephews had fallen asleep on the couch in the great room at the hotel -- the place where all were gathering for coffee and breakfast.  He slept through most of the commotion until the Bride's father held an ice cube over his face and let it drip down onto him as he lay there sleeping.  He was none to pleased when he woke up from the dripping water!

We had some breakfast with the wedding party and then said our good byes.   Mary Ann was still lobbying me about the Seattle to Portland Ride and promised to send some information via email. 


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Poster Child for Post-Wedding Hang…
Poster Child for Post-Wedding Han…
With Mary Ann at farewell breakfast
With Mary Ann at farewell breakfast
Right before the water torture beg…
Right before the water torture be…
photo by: SalPal