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exactly the people i wanted so much to see when i was trapped in yangon. :)
I left Singapore very early in the morning. It felt weird that after seeing Yangon devastated, I am back in a place where everything is normal, where everyone is apathetic to each other.

I arrived in Manila peacefully. My mom called from the province, she was delighted that I am okay. My dad asked me if I'll stop travelling after all this experience. I said - hell, no! hahaha but next time, I might consider only those countries which accept credit card. :)

It was already in Manila when I learned from the news about the magnitude of damage of cyclone. Figure says it all - 22,000 dead, 41,000 missing - casualty could reach up to 100,000. This tragedy hit me hard... I was there. Probably less than 50 miles from me, hundred of thousand people were drowning. I was a tourist in that country but it made me ask where in the hell was the junta when the burmese people needed them the most. They were too visible to attack helpless monks during the huge prayer rally last year. Where are they now? We'll it was too obvious, it's a classic case of greed, fear of losing power. In a world where money rules, lives really don't matter.

The junta has not given the public enough information to warn them of pending disaster. It is a fact. Why would they do that? I have no idea. All I know, the burmese people deserve something better than that. In a country with so much beauty, they deserve better governance. There's no other place on earth that has the ancient wonder of Bagan and Shwedagon. If given more time, I want to explore the rest of the country.... but it's gonna be later than sooner.

For now, I will enjoy the warmth of my own bed. I have learned so much from this travel. That in life, no matter how good planning is, if things could go wrong, it would go wrong. No need to be upset.

And the best way to travel is to travel with people you trust; otherwise, travel alone. :)

Upon arrival in Manila, my family bought me to an Italian resto. I had pesto and chicken.

I was the one who paid for the late lunch with the money I saved in Myanmar. :)
darlingwish says:
now there are around 100thousand people dead, how sad. =( glad u're all safe though! loved this blog =)
Posted on: May 10, 2008
ice9van says:
grabe yung experience mo. panalo. great blog. :)
Posted on: May 09, 2008
coffeefairy says:
Cheers to our second life! :)
Posted on: May 09, 2008
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exactly the people i wanted so muc…
exactly the people i wanted so mu…
photo by: Deats