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Waking up hungry we decided to have our breakfast in the hotel. It cost us 5 USD. That time, it seemed like costing my future. (this is an exaggeration teehehehe). Our agent advised us to be in the lobby by 10 AM. He would be bring us to the airport. Since all of us were aggitated, we went to the airport at 8 AM - all of 6 of us in one small taxi. Not just we don't want to pay for 2 taxis, but we didn't want to be separated to one another. Myanmar has no connection to the outside world, you know. :)

We reached the airport fine, the road blocks were already removed, but there still no electricity in the whole city of Yangon. We were able to go inside the airport. But, this is where the drama started - not just us I tell you.


People were shouting, pleading to the airport employees. The employees had nothing to say but pray as well. Everyone there were thirsty for any information. Then we gathered that the problem was because the control tower was not working. This was the ultimate bad news because no plane can take off or land without the control tower. By 11 AM, our agent was in the airport looking for us. He advised us that there might have no flights for that day. He said, he was able to look for a cheaper hotel for us but the catch was, there's no electricity and no water - just as the whole city of Yangon has no water and electricity. We said to him that we are okay to stay in that hotel - as if we had a choice. Yet, we said to him that we were still willing to stay in the airport until 5 PM.

Just in case, there might be a flight out of Yangon.

Hours after hours, airport  officials posted announcements that flights for all airlines had been cancelled for that day(and some airlines extended the cancellation until the following day). It was a gloomy day for us. We were worried because our family might worry about us. We cannot make a single call outside of Myanmar. That time we knew that we are already safe, just wanting to go out of Yangon and wanting to tell our family that we are alive, unhurt and in healthy state. But how? We didn't know then.

By 1 PM, everyone inside the airport was asked to go out. Our driver will be back by 5 PM. Man... 4 hours? Idle four hours? No but no, no one or nothing could hamper our spirits. Not just bored but resigned to the fact that that day was not a lucky day for us, we just played charades and trivias while waiting for the driver.

That was fun though. I enjoyed it. Even if we were still worried, we diverted our attention to movie charades with categories such as OSCAR winners, cartoon movies, classic Tagalog movies and many others.

Came 5 PM, our driver informed us that there was a domestiv flight that came in - meaning tower was already working... tomorrow is full of hope - i said to myself. Then the biggest news came, there's an active phone line in the travel agent's office that we can call outside Yangon. For a minute call that cost me 6 USD, it was one of the sweetest calls I ever made. I called my sister in Manila. I asked her to tell my parents that I was okay. I was right, they were really worried.

Already feeling relieved that my family would no longer worry about me, we went to the hotel, had dinner (a good one), went to bed with no electricity and no water.

postaltiburon says:
Thankfully you were able to leave Myanmar safely. I'm sure you were glad to leave but at the same time feeling sorry for the Burmese who have to remain in their homeland and rebuild...
Posted on: May 10, 2008
jennethm says:
I am so glad that you are all fine and here now telling the story about it. Great blog, my friend :)
Posted on: May 09, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
I`m glad you`r OK, and I`m praying for the people in Myanmar.
Posted on: May 09, 2008
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Mr. Li - The Singaporean who help…
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