Day 3 - Why Not... Tsoknat?

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We woke up early to start the day, still tired but with enough energy to pull myself up from my comfortable bed. We had a breakfast, took some quick photo of the temple inside the hotel complex. I think the hotel is owned by the junta. I think. :)

We went out, dropped by a souvenir shop then started the day with a visit to a temple *name of the temple to follow* where we can climb again and watch the plains of Bagan and its thousands temple. I have nothing to say but "wow", big and small ones.

After that, we went to the three sisters pagoda, Payathonzu pagoda. Two towers have complete paintings and all and one tower is bare. They said, the one was left unfinished because Kublai Khan has already destroyed the whole city and never to recover.

From the three sisters pagoda, we walked for 5 minutes to see another temple. A very small one but the finish is so ornate that I declared it as my favorite temple. Addition to that, inside this small pagoda has the most paintings. This is my temple, Apo temple. Other call it Shin Izza Gauna Temple.

Within the complex is an underground monastery. I was not really happy that we wasted some few minutes there because I want to see more temples. After the underground visit and fighting touts, we were finally back on the road, to see more temples. First is Sulamini temple which look like Htilomilo Temple, then a big temple with a helipad, Pyathatgyi (or) Pyathadar temple.  

We then explored the biggest temple, Dhammayangyi temple.

This is call the Biggest One. It's name is quite obvious since this temple looks like a reb brick pyramid. It's architecture is one of the most noticable in the plain of Bagan. It is built by King Narathu in the 12th century, displays the finest brickwork in Bagan. This temple is also famous (or notorous) for its past. The king who built this killed his father, his older brother who is rightful for the throne and killed his queen. After seeing so many temple, we decided not to go inside the Tallest One, Thatbyinnyu. It's architecture is almost the same as Ananda but our guide said, the interior is not as good as Ananda. Over 66 metres high, this temple was built by King Alaungsithu, in the middle of the 12th century, overtops all other monuments and it terrace used to be famous to watch the magnificent panorama of the Bagan plain.
However, the terrace has been closed for public for safety purposes.

After spending so much with our local friend, then we realised that his favorite sentence is "why not?". Everytime he said this, the whole group would smile, some would giggle. In some occasions, I cannot help it but to say.. "tsoknat". This is an filipino corny jokes, we played with words that rhyme like, why not tsoknat or lets go sago.. and many more... and for today, the famous one is why not tsoknat. Btw, tsoknat is a peanut version of chocolate.

After the temple watching, and visit to the old wall, we had our lunch the went back to the hotel. At this point everything in our itinerary has been completed. I just needed to buy some more souvenirs, maybe some shirts and jars. We were happy the the trip has come to completion and we had to go home now, back to normalcy and trivialities.

No but no...

When we arrived in our hotel, we were told that the domestic flight from Bagan to Yangon has been cancelled due to cyclone. No one panics. We were glad to have an alternate mode to transport back to Yangon. We will be taking a private car and from Bagan, we will go back directly to the airport with a quick breakfast in our hotel in Yangon. Sounds like a plan....

We started our 14 hours journey, it was still fun from 4 PM to 8 PM when we had our dinner in a city whose name I was not able to remember. After dinner, we slept.... then unto Day 4.

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photo by: planisphere