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We arrived in Bagan around 8 AM. Unlike in Yangon, Bagan (or Pagan) is a dry, hot and humid place. However I would say, landing in Bagan is the best landing for me ever because miles and miles, I can see pagodas, small and big ones. So exciting! :)

Upon picking up our backpacks, we went to the town of Nyaun U. On the road, we saw a novitiation rites. It is when burmese kids where presented to the monastery to become novices. It was a very colorful parade with horses, elephant mascot, some burmese clown with japanese umbrella, ladies in burmese gown, guys in a very colorful and flamboyant attire. It was really a nice thing to see.

We are glad that this thing happened when we were there. Our local friend told us that it is not so usual to see such festivities.

After the parade, we went first to the local market. It was like a normal market in the province where I grew up. There's veggies, sweets and some shirts. I decided not to but first because I was not in the mood to do shopping yet. This is one thing that I would be regretting, for not buying atleast one t-shirt of Bagan.

Then we went sightseeing. There are more than a thousand temples around Bagan. But we would only visit the major and interesting ones. We started with Shwezigone paya or in English, The golden beach pagoda. It was built by King Anawrahta, founder of the first Myanmar Empire, and finished by King Kyansittha in special reverence by successive kings and became the prototype for later Myanmar pagodas.
It is called beach pagoda because it is situated near the banks of Ayeyarwaddy River. The dome s coveredwith bamboo sheet for annual renovation. We were not able to see the full glory of this temple but, well, it looked good still even with the cover. Just grab a post card to see the full glory of this temple. By the way, locals coined this stupa as the Magnificent One.

After the temple visit, we went for a small snacks. Then we saw a nearby art gallery. I bought a watercolor painting, an impressionist one with buddhist novices as the subject. Most of my friends bought the distinctly burmese style painting where all subjects wear an exaggerated smile. I love this paintings! :)

After the gallery, i strolled to the wood carving store. I again bought some items. I am not really into shopping but I want to buy stuffs that we cannot easily find in the Philippines.
I only buy small cheap items. Anything higher that 30 USD is expensive... period. :)

After the shop, we realized that it was time to head to the road and start what we are supposed to be doing there... more temple visits!!!

Then we went to the small pagoda famous for its paintaings, Gubyaukgyi Temple. A 13th century temple with a spire resembling the Mahabodhi Temple at Bodha Gaya in India: the Gubyaukgyi is noted for its wall paintings, depicting scenes from the previous livers of the Buddha. One funny thing on this temple was, our feet got burned even we dashed our way from the car to the temple. This one is a small temple, but because of the paintings, becomes one of the most significant temple in Bagan.

Then we went to this very interesting Htilomilo pagoda.
There I decided to name my son, Htilomilo. It was built by King Nadaungmya in 1211. The 50 metre high Htilominlo is one of the largest temples of Bagan; and is noted for its fine plaster carvings.

Then we went to the finest pagoda, the Ananda temple. It was built by King Kyansittha in 1090, the Ananda Temple is the masterpiece of early style temple architecture. There are four huge Buddha images in the standing position at the four faces and a series of eighty reliefs depicting the life of the Buddha. All of Bagan's craftmanship is used on this temple. For this reason, this temple is called the Finest One. It is the finest for me too.

After seeing the finest one, we went for a lunch in a very cozy restaurant. I had my fill then we went to a factory, lacquerware workshop. I bought some souvenir here. I was happy with my loot here but sad to see the working condition of those working here. 

Lastly, we went to Dhammayazika Pagoda. It is very beautiful with it's gold painted dome to watch the sunset from there. From the top of the pagoda, you can see all the tamples, It is a wonderland. A place worth a thousand orgasm. hahahaha

We went back to the Hotel, and slept like a baby. It was a happy day for me.

planisphere says:
air bagan ang sinakyan namin from yangoon to bagan.....
Posted on: May 12, 2009
darlingwish says:
wow nice pictures!! i so want to go there!
Posted on: May 10, 2008
coffeefairy says:
"A place worth a thousand orgasm" --> clap clap clap! couldn't have said it any better! :P
Posted on: May 09, 2008
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photo by: planisphere