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Upon arrival in Yangon, I was a bit uneasy due to my notion before I went there. I was looking for anyone in uniform. The burmese junta has the reputation of being not so nice even to the bare-footed monks who held some prayer rally months before.

By the way, there was news about an explosion in Yangon downtown a week before we went to Myanmar. This and my bad notion made me feel uneasy even more when I arrived in Yangon.

Once we stepped out of the airport, that's when I realized that burmese people are one of the mildest people. Maybe bacause they are buddhist, their religion is their lifestyle. I think Yangon is one of the safest places in South East Asia - sans the junta.

It was drizzling, no, pouring when we arrived in Yangon.
We were a bit upset because we need a clear sky to enjoy the famous stupa - the Shwedagon. Anyway, upon checking in to the hotel, we went for lunch first. Funny here is, I travelled very far just to taste the same food I had when I was growing up except for the sauce to be a bit spicy. Myanmar food is basically veggies and less meat, curry but not the likes in India, Chinese in a very burmese way. I loved my first meal in Yangon.

After lunch, we went first to the National Museum since it was still raining. While in the museum, we were wishing for the rain to stop because we wanted to see the golden stupa in a clear sky. However, every minute spent in the Museum, we got more interested to this unique country, not Indian and not chinese, very unique. Burma is located east of India, South of China and with border sharing with other South East Asian Nations like Thailand and Laos.
After exploring two floors of the museum, the rain finally stopped. That was when we decided to head to Shwedagon.

I fell in love with Myanmar when I first saw Shwedagon from afar. There's this awe factor. It's golden all over. Jeez, so beautiful!

If you think, our prayers where answered - only partially. It drizzled when we were already in the complex of the pagoda. Then we realized that it is a good thing because if it was a sunny day, it means that our feet would get burned because one has to visit the pagoda without any footwear.

One thing I was looking in Yangon though was a small replica of shwedagon for souvenir. and I don't think they have. I have this habit of collecting replicas of temples. I have replicas of Borobudur and Prambanan.

We stayed in Shwedagon pagoda for an hour or two (or was it three hours?). We decided not to stay until sunset because rain was getting stronger again. After a good visit to the pagoda, we headed next to the reclining buddha. It was a huge one but I already saw one in Bangkok. So I was not so amazed. Or maybe I was not really in the mood because my camera battery got drained and my spare battery was in the hotel.

After that, we went back to the hotel, ate dinner, went to bed early because we have to be up very early to catch our plane to Bagan! :)
planisphere says:
sa akkin apply muna.... parang walang visa on arrival dun eh...
Posted on: May 13, 2009
planisphere says:
byiang... kailangan, nagiinarte ang junta. :)
Posted on: May 12, 2009
yheleen says:
good writing :) nice photos :)
Posted on: May 13, 2008
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photo by: aleksflower