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Bandung is a place that you can visit again and again but you will not get bored. In September 2007, I went to Bandung with 2 friends. We decided to go out of city. We went to Kawah Putih and had a "photo session" there.Kawah Putih is a beautiful misterious place. In 2008, I took my family to go to Kawah Putih again. We also went to the lake closed to it, Situ Patenggang. Last October, I had a meet-up with Liena there.

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July 27th, 2007Kawah Putih, Indonesia
September 1st, 2007Kawah Putih, Indonesia
September 2nd, 2007Bandung, Indonesia
December 21st, 2007Bandung, Indonesia
December 21st, 2007Kawah Putih, Indonesia
December 26th, 2007Bandung, Indonesia
February 8th, 2008Kawah Putih, Indonesia
February 8th, 2008Bandung, Indonesia
February 9th, 2008Bandung, Indonesia
October 26th, 2008Bandung, Indonesia
January 25th, 2009Bandung, Indonesia
January 26th, 2009Bandung, Indonesia
February 27th, 2009Bandung, Indonesia
April 15th, 2009Bandung, Indonesia
January 1st, 2010Bandung, Indonesia
January 2nd, 2010Bandung, Indonesia
January 3rd, 2010Bandung, Indonesia
March 6th, 2010Bandung, Indonesia
March 7th, 2010Bandung, Indonesia
February 12th, 2011Bandung, Indonesia
December 23rd, 2016Lembang, Indonesia
December 25th, 2016Maribaya, Indonesia
December 26th, 2016Maribaya, Indonesia