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Croc Show at the Crocoseum, Australia Zoo, Beerwah.
Left Brisbane this morning to head for Melissa's uncle and aunt in West Cooroy (Noosa hinterland).  There was some really thick smoke on the highway in the norther outskirts of Brisbane from a bushfire near the road.  Incredibly hot today, just not used to it.  We drank litres of water and yet still felt parched.
The highlight of today was our visit to the Australia Zoo at Beerwah, set up by Steve Irwin's parents and really developed by the Crocodile Hunter and his wife.  It is not a cheap day, at $46 each, but certainly well worth it - the Zoo has been set up incredibly well and you can see where the money has been spent.
Uncle Reg holding the snake skin found in his shed - luckily no sign of said snake!
  The enclosures are well organised and set up, a long way from the zoos of old.  We saw the shows at the Crocoseum, which included not just crocodiles but snakes and native birds such as wedge tailed eages - spectacular.  The Zoo is really being expanded and a new habitat is being built for the elephants at the moment.  The Leaping Tiger exhibit has just opened and is set up like a temple at Angkor Wat - unfortunately we only saw one tiger as the others were too sensible to come out in the heat!  We stayed about 5 hours, purely because it was so hot, but you could easily spend a full day at the Zoo and still want to see more.
We arrived at Uncle Reg and Auntie Desma's late afternoon and were treated to some home brewed beer and ginger beer - just what the doctor ordered!  We found a huge snake skin in Uncle Reg's shed, probably a python.  The skin was wrapped all through one of his machines, the snake had obviously used the machine to help pull the skin off - it was over two metres long - our main question was where was the snake that used to be in the skin and is obviously now well more than 2 metres long!  Luckily, he wasn't to be found.
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Croc Show at the Crocoseum, Austra…
Croc Show at the Crocoseum, Austr…
Uncle Reg holding the snake skin f…
Uncle Reg holding the snake skin …
photo by: sissanoel