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Happy dinner

When we almost arrive at Sidoarjo, we got news from the radio that there was a bad traffic due to the flood. Since it was raining hard, the flood broke the barrier of lumpur Lapindo (Lapindo mud). So we had to alternate our way to Surabaya. And... we couldn't see the famous Lapindo mud. We had to go through small road, accross villages and paddy field. A motor cycle rider showed us the way and we had to pay him. Actually our driver knew where to go, but we had to use that service to ease our journey. Because we had to pay Rp 500,- to a teenager at every intersection. If we were guided by a rider so we would not get any trouble.

From the road we passed, we could see the mud. The area that was flooded by mud was very huge. I read in the newspaper that many villages had been covered by it.

We arrived at Surabaya when it was already dark. Whe we arrived at my sister's house, we had dinner that had been served by my sister. My mother had come from Bandung. My sisters invited her neigbors' daughters, who had been acquainted by my daughters, to join us for dinner.

After dinner, we went straight to Tanjung Kodok. Since it was dark already, so we couldn't watch the sunset there. We went there by 2 cars, driven by our driver and my brother in law. My brother in law wanted to take us there but he would not stay. So, he would go back again by one car with the driver. The next day, my sister or I would drive back to Surabaya. 

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Happy dinner
Happy dinner
Dinner at my sis
Dinner at my sis'
My mom with Ito-san and Ayako-san
My mom with Ito-san and Ayako-san
photo by: westwind57