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Today is the official start of the vacation. Here is the game plan along with what actually happened.


1.       Get to the airport!  -  We woke up at the crack of dawn (which is about 5 am in my book), got to the airport waaaay to early (which is much better than waaay to late), made it through security without issue and sat down at our gate to wait for boarding. This was about as easy as it had ever been so we had plenty of time to kill in the airport. (Travel Tip: Although I complain about how early it was, I've also been the one running to the gate as they close the door, and the way we did it this time leaves blood pressures at normal levels, so I recommend it.) I filled my free time with a book and some tunes from my ipod. For those keeping track, that is one peice of extra electronics already put to good use.

2.       Fly South, bank a little West.  -  This part we left mostly to the Captain of our Boeing 757, and I'm pretty glad we did. This time of year the East coast has a lot of storms and our ride got pretty bumpy. Nothing to make me plead with higher powers, but enough to make it difficult to read my novel. In any case, this too went off without a hitch.

3.       2 Suitcases, 1 set of clubs.  -  That's right... the baggage claim. This part of the trip has plagued almost everyone and continues to be one of the more anxious moments. Will I have clothes this week?... Waiting... waiting... sweating it... waiting...       annnnnnd BAGS!!! We waited for another 10 minutes for the golf clubs to come down the line until we were told that odd shaped items come off a different conveyor. Where was the magical sign for that one Copernicus? (Travel Tip: Pack a set of clothes in your carry-on just in case your luggage ends up in Antarctica. (Travel Tip: Mark your bag with something colorful on the outside that no one else will have. Bags look pretty similar on the conveyor and while a name tag is good... a polka dotted, neon orange, happy face sew on patch is much more visible... even if it is on an alternate conveyor.)

4.       Get into the hotel. - We got into the hotel. Seriously this part was clean, easy and perfect. We showed up, unpacked and discussed the next step. It was only noon and we had altready eaten on the plane. We decided that instead of eating, we would waste some time until we were ready to eat again... Don't judge us... we are on vacation!!! (Travel Tip: If you are going on vacation to recharge your stressed out batteries, don't hold yourself to a diet! Vacation does not mean "do what you normally would do in a different place," it means, "Go nuts! Relax, do nothing, do everything, jump out of planes, eat bizarre foods, try crack..." JUST KIDDING!!!. Drugs are a no-no and drugs and vacation do not mix. Especially when crossing international borders!) Point is, let your entire life recharge not just your work, but your play as well.)

5.       Go Shopping - We went to Downtown Disney and what a mistake it was! I'll tell you what the mistake really was in a minute, but before I get to that, I feel like I should tell you a bit more about Downtown Disney. It is not a theme park like the other Disney areas; it's a shopping center, full of many stores, restaurants and night clubs. Basically if you are under the age of 18, this place is a loss to you. Sure they've got a McDonalds and a Lego store, but otherwise this place is for mom's and dads to have a good meal and the twenty-somethings to come out and enjoy Disney's nightlife... not one single ride!! The whole shopping area is about a million miles long (slight exageration) and situated along a lagoon where you can take boat cruises, rent single rider boats to pilot yourself or simply sit and watch the water activities. I don't consider the boats to be "rides". You have to pay more for them and there's no theme music...

6.       Million Mile March - Anyway, the mistake was that we forgot to think about how much Florida differs from CT. When we left from home it was about 55 degrees and rainy. Stepping off the plane we were smacked by a gust of 85 degree 100% humid Florida air. At first it was a nice change, but to go from sitting on a plane to hiking the shops at Downtown was a feat. Needless to say our bodies revolted and although we did our best to duck into the stores and escape the beating sun, within the 3rd hour of exploring we decided to head back for cooler areas.

7.       Run and Hide - Our hotel room was right down the street and we found shelter from the midday heat in the AC laden room. (Travel Tip: Bring a change of clothes in your bag that match the season and location of your destination. Also, give your body at least a few hours to acclimate before you try to do anything nuts and keep hydrated if going somewhere warmer or dryer than you are used to!)

8.       Happy Hour :) - Speaking of hydrating, the hotel we are staying at has a complementary happy hour from 5-7, and I think I may have to venture to the lobby to get my liquid quota for the evening. It's hot here... waaay hotter than I thought it would be. But I am optimistic and I am just plain excited for the park! (Travel Tip: Take advantage of any and all happy hour events. Booze is expensive and at the very least the area near the bar is usually kid free. Super-Bonus in my world!)

9.       Finally Food...again - We are heading to a local steakhouse for some serious nutrition before the parks tomorrow. I'll be updating later tonight with more details of the events. Wish me luck.

  1. Updates!!! I'm dumb... - I completely forgot sunscreen today and now I am feeling a bit like overcooked bacon. I'm also pretty run down, but it was still a great time at dinner. I am completely stoked for tomorrow's adventure to the parks and I plan on being ready for this one. I'm already starting to hydrate, and I've got plenty of sunblock in my bag.


Until tomorrow!



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