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Oh man!!! Oh man!!! I leave tomorrow morning!!!

Now, for anyone who has been paying attention to the blogs thus far, you may notice that I forgot to add on my previous entry. On May 17th I wrote the T MINUS 2 days post. Turns out we don't leave till Tuesday... So on Saturday, I thought we were leaving on Monday but Sunday I realized that I was mistaken and now that it is Monday I can finally say T-Minus 1 day because we leave tomorrow... which is Tuesday. hehe.

Anywho, I spent Sunday doing more laundry and prepacking my bags. Not very exciting so I didn't feel the need to post about it, however I will say this: ALWAYS prepack your bags!

Prepacking ensures that you wont forget something at home that is critical to your morning routine/medication schedule or obsessive compulsive troll collecting. Basically, try to get ready at home one morning using nothing but what has been packed. If you have to use anything else to finish preparing for your day, ask yourself the following:
  1. Do you really need it? - Picture that thing blowing up, short circuiting, getting eaten by the dog or being "borrowed" by your sibling. Would not having that thing ruin your day? - If not, leave it! If you need it...
  2. Does one of these thingamabobs come with my room? - If yes, leave it! If no...
  3. Can you share split with another traveler? - If yes, find a way to have one person pack the item so there aren't duplicates. I find this kind of thing to be the perfect use of the good old fashioned Rock/Paper/Scissors method. If no...
  4. Better make room in your bags... that thing is really important.
I personally realized that I had forgotten to pack my razor. For anyone who knows me, I tend to let the "rugged" look set in before I reach for the thing, so it isn't at the top of my packing list. This trip is 8 days long though and so without it I'd probably skip over rugged and turn into "grizzly"

That being said today was far more eventful. I finished packing my carryon which admitedly contains more than I would like to bring, but stuff I will probably want and use anyway.
  1. Laptop & Power Cable - How else would I keep up with the posts?
  2. Ipod - Although plane engines do sound cool and the people on planes can be interesting, little Billy in row 3 is probably going to whine too much and I'd much prefer something with a beat.
  3. Camera - Pictures are gunna add that certain little something to these blogs. So just you wait...photos are coming.
  4. Journal & Pens - I put these in a ziplock bag because according to some travelers, they've been known to explode mid flight. *fingers crossed*
  5. Gum - Piece for when the Plane takes off... piece for when the plane lands... popping ears just get annoying, and gum helps to alleviate the annoyance factor.
  6. Change of clothes - We leave CT at 55 degrees and rainy and show up in FL with 85 and sunny... you do the math.
  7. Empty water bottle - To refill after clearing the checkpoint. Water is serious business to those security people.
After the bags were packed I called up a few friends and had a blast hanging out before heading on the trip. Some people wait until midnight the night before to pack. While I too have done that many times, gettting the stuff done early allowed me to start my vacation already. I had a few beers and some laughs with good friends and I couldn't ask for a better sendoff. I'm gunna have to find some stuff to bring back for them to thank them for a great night out.

Next post will be from Sunny Orlando!

Wish me luck!
sinsparkx says:
Damit Jay this is too much to read while hungover !!
Posted on: May 21, 2008
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