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I've already completed the first leg of my trip. I came home to CT today via a perfect 2 hour drive. The weather was great for driving. Partly cloudy, high 70's and pretty minimal traffic on the mass pike all combined to give me one heck of a start to my vaction. I even got a pretty fantastic "base tan" on my left arm. I left it resting on the door for the entire ride... oops. Anyhow, I'm home in CT to do some free laundry at my parents house before I finish packing.

Added bonus note: Since we are going to be away for 8 days, I get to clear up the leftovers from the fridge. I'm a starving grad student so this was fine with me.

Double bonus note: My favorite pizza place had made a delivery to my parents yesterday and so there was a half a pizza left when I got there.    :P

Now that I'm beginning the packing process, I figure this would be a good time to go over some essential packing tips for a disney trip. Foranyone just following my adventures for laugh's, you can stop here. The rest of this, while still brilliantly written and fairly witty, is just a list of things to keep in mind for a Disney Trip.

  1. I don't "do well" in the heat.  -  It is extremely important to check the weather, especially in the late spring and summer months because the weather in WDW can anthing from an easybake oven to a cold carwash depending on the week. In any case, bring a set of "off-seasonal" clothes for the random cold, hot or rainy day.
  2. Pack lightly... but not too lightly.  -  I've read a number of sites with "Ultimate" packing lists 32 pages long and others with things you "absolutely" need on your trip like a 4 cup coffee maker. In reality, we "need" very little in our bags to make for a good trip. But don't try to go with only the shirt on your back or you'll soon be racking up charges at the local mall. The idea is to make use of all the ammenities at your hotel so you avoid needing to bring more on your trip.
  3. Yeah... You're gunna get hurt  -  Everyone at somepoint on a Disney vacation is going to need something from a first aid kit. Whether its the band-aid you need for papercut you got while trying to fold back up the Magic Kingdom Map or the aspirin you need at noon when your whininy child meter is full, trust me... the kit will come in handy.
  4. One word... Pepto  -  Eww..... you mean the pink stuff? Yeah, the pink stuff. The food stands in the park are pretty good, but I know Chef Gordon Ramsey isn't cooking my chicken back there. I have only been sick once on a Disney vacation, but that was enough! That being said, its well worth the 2 bucks a pack of chewables costs to have the peace of mind that magical pick stuff affords me.
  5. Don't go to Footlocker today for a trip tomorrow!  -  I don't care if you just bought custom molded nike sneakers crafted by magic elves, DON'T EVEN BRING THEM. Why? Because you walk in Disney. You walk alot. A favorite comedian of mine, John Pinnette, called his family vacation to disney "the EPCOT death march." Wear shoes that you know you can be in all day with the least amount of discomfort. Leave the new stuff at home. If you bring them you'll be tempted to wear them and nothing brings down a disney trip faster than a straggler with blisters. (Side note: Add some medical tape or moleskin to the first aid kit to help those who don't listen to my warning.)
  6. ZIPLOCK BAGS  -  These little guys are amazing. Put your shampoo and bathroom gear in one in your checked bag and never worry about needing to wash the shampoo out of your shirts/jeans. Use one to carry homemade trail mix and save $ on food in the park. I keep one empty and ready to hold my camera and journal so that I can go on Splash Mountain or the Kali River Rapids without worry. They will come in handy...I promise.
  7. Dear Diary...  -  Bring a journal. Not only will it serve as a great reminder of your trip in the future, but you can kill some time during the wait in line by drawing or writing in your travel journal. This also comes in handy when you pretend to be a national travel journalist to try and score free VIP passes. Who else would be taking notes at Disney!?... ... ... I've never done this.   :P
Wish me luck. Tomorrow I'll go shopping for a couple last minute things and finish getting ready for the plane. Another favorite part of the trip for me.
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