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La Plantation hotel

First of all we got to the airport, and I went through the metal detectors like 4 different times, before I realized I had a condom in my small pocket.  The foil was setting the damn thing off!  It cracked me up!  So then we get into our flight, which had a ton of duct tape on the seats and everywhere.  Our in flight meal was, cow fat and bones, dried rice, and spoiled vegetables.  So we went hungry on that 3 hour flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  We had a 12 hour lay over so we had to come up with an idea to keep ourselves occupied.  When we arrived to Dubai, we went to a locker and put all our bags in and caught a taxi to the Emirates mall.  Dubai is currently the fastest growing city, with the worlds only 7 star hotel, and the worlds tallest building.

Mauritius at sunset
  The temperature was really hot, around 110 F.  When we got to the mall, there was this huge ski slope, with real snow, inside this arena area.  The ski lift had a dog leg to the left, and was over 1500 yards!  Jordan and I bought some lift tickets and proceeded to the ski area.  We picked up our skis, rental pants, and jackets.  When we went through the revolving doors, we were greeted with this blast of cold air.  Instantly I was in heaven.  I could see my breath!  Good stuff!  So Jordan and I went up to the mid-way stop and made our first run, just to get adjusted to skiing again.  For myself, it's been 2 years almost, and for Jordan, it's been close to 10 years.  So he was having a bit of trouble getting down the slope in one piece.  Ski patrol came up to me and warned me that I need to keep a close eye on him, or he'll have to pay for lessons.  So we took it easy at first, but then we opened up and had a great time just flying down this slope.  The price for all this was 30 dollars an hour.  After a couple hours, we couldn't feel our bare hands, from the cold air!  Gloves were expensive!  I didn't want to pay 40 bucks for a pair I'd wear for a couple hours!  NO SIR!  So we finished skiing and walked around this huge mall for a few hours.  This place was huge!!!!  So we finished walking around and went back to the airport.  In the airport we went to an Irish pub and had some good Sheppard's pie!  MMMMMM. 

  We flew Emirates air from Dubai to Mauritius.  Talk about a night to day difference!  The food was warm, and extremely good!  The seats were so comfortable!  Already I was in heaven!  It was going to be a great 6 hour flight/nap.  Knocked out!  I was asleep right away.  When I woke up we were flying over the island of Mauritius, located 20 degrees south of the equator and east of Madagascar.  The island is 36 miles in length and 23 miles in width.  Small island about 1.5 million population.  The view from the plane was just gorgeous!  I was awe struck!  When we got off the plane, we went through customs.  We get in, and we get onto our bus transport that was taking us from the south east side to the north west side.  The bus was pretty empty, it was a British couple and us...that was it!  It was about an hour and a half bus ride.  The driver told me I should sit up front and be the tour guide.  So I had no objections to his request.  All the facts I made up were completely fictional, except for a couple.  It was pretty funny.  The island had patches of rain in areas, but also sun.  Keep in mind, it's fall time down there.  The Britts commented on how they are sad it's raining, and they don't want to see it.  Jordan and I were in heaven with the rain.  Africa is way too hot, and sun 24/7!  It was a good change for once.

  When we arrived to our hotel, La Plantation, we were greeted with top notch service, ice cold glass of sugar water, made from the sugar cane around the island.  Quick tip: Sugar and Salt are the major exports of this island.  This hotel is a beautiful 4 star hotel, with a lot of fountains, pools, and exotic feel to it.  We were located in a cove, where a fresh water river met the Indian Ocean.  The view was incredible!  The pools at our hotel had palm trees in the middle of them, a huge staircase made of the rainbow looking shell, and a coy fish pool.  It was paradise!  We felt way out of our class.  So back to this glass of sugar water.  They boil water, still sugar cane into the cup and put it in the fridge to chill.  This was some incredible sugar water!  So we got our room, and woops, they had me down in the system as Mrs. Henry and Mr. Jordan.  I was cracking up, cause we were giving one queen size bed.  The view was great in this room though.  It was of the river going by.  So we quickly got this situation resolved and got a new room, with a view of the pool area.  This place was great!  The shower was made of stone, and the shower head was huge, it felt like a waterfall when you were showering.  GOOD STUFF!  So out we go on our first night out in town.  (We took a nap from the flight for a few hours)  So we are located north of the major city of Port Louis, and south of the party city Grand Bay.  Both 5 miles apart!  Good location!  We took a cab up to Grand Bay and checked out the sites.  The whole time we were in heaven.  We went to a bar called Bananas for a nice cold one.  Everywhere we went everyone was British, French, Indian, or Africa.  We were probably the only Americans for miles.  The official language is English, but the majority spoke Creo/French.  We walked over to a sushi restaurant, I'm not a big fan of sea food at all!  But it sounded good to try to get a beef sushi roll, similar to the one I get in Catania.  So there we asked for beef sushi rolls.  The meal came and it was raw beef!  For some reason, I was thinking that they would have cooked it, like they do in Catania anyways.  So I quickly downed the rolls.  Well then we went back to the hotel.  

  So we woke up and called Jordan's friend we met the night prior.  We got into a cab and took off for Casella's Nature Park.  This was going to be a great day!  We met up with his friend and entered the park.  First we wanted to ride quads with the wildlife.  So we went through a small quad training course.  They put a restriction on the quads, that made them a lot slower.  So I rode alone and Jordan rode with his friend, who took a lot of the photos for us.  It was great!  We were riding along and I noticed my quad was making a lot of strange noise.  All of a sudden, a new quad came riding up to us, and this dude swapped with me!  I was shocked!  It was actually pretty strange how they knew I needed a new one.  So we continue on these trails, and run across deer, stags, ostriches, and oh Zebra's!!!!  It was great!  Then at the end, we got to play in some puddles!  Oh yeah, time to tear up the terrain.  I got a bit wet, as you can imagine. So we got back and went right over to the lions area.  We had a South African tour guide, with a huge sense of humor.  It was great.  So he gave us the safety brief, maintain eye contact, whack them in the nose with our sticks if they become aggressive, and to pet them rough, so that they know you're the master.  He comes walking out with a male and female lion.  They were so awesome!  I can never go to a zoo ever again!  So we started walking with them!  Meanwhile, you're supposed to walk up to them and pet them.  At first we were all scared.  But we got over that fear, until they climbed up on a tree, and they wanted us to pose under them for pictures.  Meanwhile they were feeding them chickens!  So while you're under these beasts, you can hear them breathing heavy, and crunching on the bones!  It was pretty scary!  So we continue on and then they notice a Stagg!  They took off!  The guide kinda freaked out as well.  It wasn't very comforting when he told us to put our sticks in front of us, and get ready to swat just incase!  I thought this is pretty crazy!  Finally they found the lions and were able to bring them back to the group.  We then finished our walk and went into the Cheetah cubs pen.  There were six of these little fur balls.  We played soccer with them, as we kicked a ball around and stuff.  I bent down to pet one, and another came in behind me and bit me in my lower back…it was a love bite, but freaked me out!  I jumped up and explained, I GOT BIT!!!!  It was actually funny, I had saliva all over my back.  Thanks little fella!  Ok so we finished up with the cubs, and went to a gorgeous 5 star hotel for dinner.  The food was pretty good there.  Then we went back up to our hotel, where I bought a SIM chip for my cell phone.  At the hotel we pretty much chilled.  

  So the next morning we got a call from the hotel informing us we're late for an all day excursion of the island.  We had plans to go scuba diving.  This would be Jordan's first time ever.  We met the divers at the pool, for the dive introduction.  There we talked about going out in the afternoon.  So we chilled by the pool the rest of the morning, and met back with the dive shop to hit up the corrals.  We go out about ten minutes, and there was only like 5 of us going.  So I took my camera and told them I'll tie it off to the anchor line 10 feet into our dive.  The camera is only designed to handle 10 feet max.  We start going down, and I kept an eye on my camera, all the way to the bottom.  So at thirty feet, the camera was still in one piece!  I was shocked!  The LCD screen was all red tinted from the pressure, and the buttons didn't work from the pressure either.  I was able to take a few photos during this evolution.  It was cool!  The amount of fish that swarmed us, was awesome, mixed with the clarity of the water!  I was in heaven.  So we got back to the hotel afterwards and we took it easy for another night. 

  When we woke up we went out to meet up with our new friends out in Port Louis.  We got a nice tour of the market area and shopping centers.  It was great!  Our friends had to work that night, so we went back to the hotel early.  Jordan and I then went water skiing with the hotel services.  It was great!  They made Jordan swim back to the beach, cause the boat driver was scared he would tip them if he climbed in from the water.  I was laughing pretty hard.  We ended up hanging out at the dance club in the hotel that night.  YMCA was quite a popular song.

  We woke up, went to the dive center, and proceeded to do our final dives for this trip.  We got out to our spot and made one dive around this open area where we swam across some goofy looking fish.  The dive master tapped a rock on another, and this huge buck tooth fish came up to the rock investigating it like Dory from Finding Nemo.  It was hilarious!  We then surfaced, and rode to another spot, where we swam across some Octopus, Eels, and a ton of other kinds of fish.  It's like a whole new world down there.  So we get back to the hotel and I called our friendsand setup our plans for the night.  They took us to a light house at first.  This was one of the original lighthouses from back in the day.  The house master was more then eager to show us around.  We went all the way to the top and had a perfect view of everything!  It was breath taking!   We then left and passed by a haunted hotel, that looked pretty creepy.  We continued to go south to this awesome spot, and hang out on a cliff, as the waves were crashing into the rocks!  We went to a Bollywood dance club (Indian) .  There the announcer made a special announcement welcoming us to Mauritius.  It was great.  The way they dance is, you meet a group in this outer ring of people and invite them to dance.  You can't just cut in.  It's not nice!   So we left the awesome dance club and went back to the hotel.  Talk about a fun night.

  We met back up with our friends and proceeded to do our final day of touring.  Our first stop was a dormant volcano…awesome view, then we went to a Hindu temple, and got blessed, then a bunch of water falls, then the 7 color earth!  That was cool looking.  Then back to the hotel and took off to go back to the airport for our mid-night flight.  We woke up in Dubai again for yet another 12 hour lay over.  This time, we didn't have the money to go out in town like last time.  So we played it low at the airport and slept on the floor, like a bunch oeveryone else, it seemed.  Security kicked Jordan in the feet and told us to wake up and sleep in a chair, and they walked passed more people sleeping on the floor.  We were kinda ticked by that, but oh well.  We finally get on our plane and headed back to Djibouti.  As soon as we left the airport, we were instantly hounded by taxi drivers begging us to take a ride for 12 bucks vice the typical 6 bucks.  These guys were criminal!  That's when we knew we were back in Djibouti.

PrissyT says:
Wow! Your pictures on this trip are amazing! That condon story is funny! Did you also check out the 7 star hotel?
Posted on: May 22, 2008
spunkyfugu says:
Upon request, I've provided more photos for everyone's viewing pleasure :P
Posted on: May 10, 2008
TYoungTX says:
Great blog -- wish you had more pictures of the adventure! Thanks for sharing. Love the condom story, LOL.
Posted on: May 10, 2008
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La Plantation hotel
La Plantation hotel
Mauritius at sunset
Mauritius at sunset
121 km (75 miles) traveled
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