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It is a long time ago that I have visited this site.
I had a few reasons for that.

I left the Netherlands at the 12th of May, this year. However, it wasn't a long time in Norway.
I became very sick in the night of 12th and 13th of May. I had so much pain, I couldn't sleep, it wasn't funny at all!
That morning, 13th of May, I spoke with my 'teacher' there at 8am, and she told me that we would go to a doctor! I was really glad for that answer, I needed some medication! Only at 12am, I hadn't see a doctor yet, so became very pissed! I had so much pain, couldn't she understand that I wanted to see a doctor? Did she had the thought that I was making it up, that I imagened the pain?!
That was my decision to call the airport of Stavanger, to arrange a flight for me that evening! Did not matter how much it would cost me!
She, the 'teacher' brought me to the ferry and from there I was on my own again, with a terrific pain! I almost couldn't walk anymore!
Finally at the airport, it took hours, well I thought it were hours, but the had the message that there were seats enough and that I could take this flight! THANK GOD!!

When I came at the gate and I saw so little people, about 20 I guess?! Than I thought, does these 20 people cost me  €500??
I had send a text message to my boyfriend if he could please pick me up at the airport of Amsterdam.. My battery was almost empty, so I asked the crew if they could recharge the battery. It wasn't a problem, thank god! They were so kind to me, and they said also that it was the smartest thing to do! Go back home! See a doctor!

At the end of the story, I had a bad infection, it took me about 3 months to get better. And some moments, the pain is coming back.

But I am still very happy that I came back to Holland!!

Oh and what a surprise;  the campsite i was going to is now for sale!

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