ILM is a Nifty Little Airport...the Ladies at the Avis Counter...Not so much

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My client in Myrtle Beach asked me to fly into Wilmington instead of Myrtle Beach to save a couple of hundres bucks.  No big deal for me.  I like driving. 

After a three hour layover in Atlanta I get into Wilmington around 7 and it's raining.  I head to the Avis counter and nicely ask "Is there a Preferred window outside?"  The lady was helping another customer but had turned around to look for something.  I thought it was an okay thing to ask.  Appartently not.  Instead of saying "I'm sorry there isn't a Preferred window outside, you'll have to wait here" she said "I will be with YOU in a minute".  When my minute came she got me my car using as few words as possible.  I was still friendly.  As I was leaving the counter I asked "Where are the cars?".  It was at that minute the Avis lady saw her opening.  This was her chance to really stick it to me.  How dare I ask if there was a Preferred Window outside?  She cooly says "When you go out the doors take a left and the cars are in a lot all by themselves".  So I followed her instructions.  In the rain I walked all the way to the little lot by itself.  When I got there I found out it was the employees parking lot.  The rent car lot was to the right.  Soaked and steamed all at the same time, I wandered around looking for the rent car lot.  I felt like Steve Martin from the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  But instead of going back inside to complain like Steve.  I asked somebody in another lot where the rent cars were and went on my way.  I think I'm learning constraint in my old age.

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photo by: vances