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St. Christophers Village on Borough High Street

Friday June 25, 2004  4:38PM

So, yesterday didn't start off so well. I was tired from only sleeping a half hour on the plane and when I got to the hostile, I found out I needed to buy a towel and that I couldn't check in until 2pm. I could however rent a locker and get rid of dragging my suitcase everywhere. I changed clothes, freshened up, and locked up my stuff. I made my way down by the London Bridge and bough a ticket for the bus tour. Hopped on the bus and to the advice of the ticket lady, got off at the Tower of London. I had only £10 on me, so I couldn't even buy a ticket in. I figured I would just do that when I get back. I started to walk in a direction I figured the bus stop would be in, and once I had committed to continue walking I was totally lost. I mean, I knew I was on the path, just no idea when I would come to the next stop. After walking for what seemed like forever, probably only 20 minutes, I came to a stop and waited another 20 min before another bus came along. By this time I decided I was tired, I was only getting off the bus for food.

Me and Marilyn

I rode the bus for a while, saw some amazing sights, took a bunch of pictures. It was freezing cold on top of that open-air bus. It began to rain, well sprinkle, but that was enough to get my downstairs. We came to Hyde Park and I got off the bus to buy a Madame Tussaud ticket. Waited 10-15 min to get back on the bus, then went, exchanged a little money and went to the wax museum. It was soo cool, the statues looked soooo real. I only got my picture taken with Marilyn Monroe, but hopefully the pictures turned out.

Afterwards, I stopped and bought Mom and Layla (one of my friends) postcards, but unfortunately have been unable to send them. Hopefully I can send them from Paris with the same postage, or I'll just have to hold on to them until I get back to London next week.

I decided I was done with the bus, and hungry and tired, so I headed back to the hostel via the underground.

The pub next to the hostel/indian restaurant upstairs...
It is so much faster and easier than walking or the bus. Warmer too. It was about 5:30/6pm when I checked into the hostel and when I got to my room there were 2 people there sleeping, kinda.

The first guy I met was Jeff, an English teacher from Ohio. He was so friendly, and just a nice gentle guy. The two girls I met were Virginia and Selida. They are also teachers from California, Virginia teaches in the OC, and Selida teaches in Compton.

I was looking to go get a towel and Virginia mentioned she needed to get a memory stick so I asked if they would like to come along down the street with me. They agreed. We invited Jeff along and the four of us were set. Jeff was there the day before and told us about the other suitemate. His name is Matt. We met him briefly before shopping but more extensively when we returned to the hostel. He is a law student from Tennessee.

We decided when we got back from shopping that food was next on the list.

The dinner. (from left) Selida, me, Virginia, Jeff and Matt
Virginia suggested Indian food. I'm up for adventure. The receptionist told us of a place right next door, above the pub. We invited Matt to come along and we were off to dinner. We sat down and immediately I ask to try curry. I have never had indian food and didn't want to order an entire meal and then not like it. It was okay, but just not yummy. A sandwich looked more appetizing, with spicy curly fries. I was sold. I did try some of the other girls food though. Everything just seemed to have a very bland, muted flavor.

The soccer game was on last night. England vs. Portugal. We watched that but by 10pm, I needed to shower and get ready for my early journey this morning. Selida returned to the room with me and we got cleaned up and just talked until the others returned.

England lost, everyone was very upset, people in the pub even cried they told us. The hostel was packed when we got bak. People were standing everywhere watching the big screen tv.

My first drink in London, well only...
Quick break for back....

6:20am continuing

Yummy croissant, fresh squeezed orange juice and hot chocolate. Great deal for £3.50. Ok, so back to last night....Apparently the hostel double booked a bed in our room because when we got back to the room after dinner, someones stuff was on my bed. I later found our who it was and she and her boyfriend were leaving that night anyway so it ended up just being the 5 of us in the room.

We stayed up talking, trying to help Jeff decided to come to Paris and meet up with the rest of us.

cliche I know
All of us were already going to be in Paris. Me today, Virginia and Selida on Saturday and Matt on Sunday. Jeff ended up staying up really late booking everything, but he will also be meeting up with us on Saturday. That will be the night we go out on the town and find a club. I think I finally fell asleep around 1 am and work up at 2:30am and was unable to return to sleep. I ended up stressing myself about not possibly waking in time, I could not sleep.

I have slept a total of 2 hrs in the last 2 days.

I got ready this morning and the guy at the front desk called me a cab.

Big Ben
5 min later I am sitting in a brand new cab, sooo cute. The driver was really friendly. It was so weird being on the opposite side of the road. Even more strange than on the bus because we are smaller and closer to the few cars on the road.

It was strange, at 3:45am, when I opened the curtain instead of turning the light on, it was already light outside, well starting to get light. I asked the driver of the cab what time the sun came up and he said 4:30am! That is soo early! I would never be able to sleep if I lived here. So I arrived at the train station and decided to call home because it was still before midnight. Spoke to Mom and Dad and started crying again. Im not sure why that happens, but I was definitely feeling regret when I first got to London yesterday. After meeting and hanging out with my roomies thought, I felt much better.

I have a smirnoff triple black while I was at the pub watching the soccer game.

The Aquarium
It tasted completely different, more salty. Every drink I had in London, besides water was way more salty than the American version. Even Sprite! UGH!

So after getting off the phone I tried searching for a mailbox, but didn't find one. The process for getting on the train was a pain. I hope it's easier on the way back. I met 2 girls from Chicago before boarding, Nicole and Sara. We thought we were sitting together but they ended up being in a different car. Maybe we will meet up at the train station. "

Theres more but I thought I would break it up....sorry this is long, I just had to write when I had the chance, and the EuroStar trip was the longest I was sitting.

Katayama says:
ha, liked the comment on the saltiness of drinks. Whereas when I went to the US, everything was so much sweeter!
Posted on: Aug 17, 2007
Vikram says:
Wow! I can't believe you're from Miami and you've never had Indian food before. Atlanta and Miami have got some of the best Indian rsnts in the US.

Which hostel did you stay at?

LOL @ your comment on the salty Sprite! It's opposite for tourists to the US, and us foreigners settled in the US. We're always like, "why is everything so sweetened up in the US, and why do they serve so much of ice with every drink!"

Also that picture of the Clock Tower is amazing! How did you get it so close?
Posted on: Oct 09, 2006
Amanda says:
Ooops, this is from your last trip; ok, I'm a loser, sorry!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2006
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St. Christophers Village on Boroug…
St. Christophers Village on Borou…
Me and Marilyn
Me and Marilyn
The pub next to the hostel/indian …
The pub next to the hostel/indian…
The dinner. (from left) Selida, me…
The dinner. (from left) Selida, m…
My first drink in London, well onl…
My first drink in London, well on…
cliche I know
cliche I know
Big Ben
Big Ben
The Aquarium
The Aquarium
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