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This is taken straight from my journal and then if I have any other things I can remember that I didn't have time to write down then, I will add them in.

I graduated from the University of Central Florida on April 30, 2006. I have always wanted to go to Paris and have had the opportunity a few times with class trips and stuff, but nothing has ever went through. I took French for all 4 years of high school, my senior year being an independent study because I was the only person in the whole school wanting to take French 4. I continued taking French in college for 2 semesters, the required and then decided I had enough.

I have always dreamed of the Eiffel Tower and seeing it one day and when I was getting graduating money, I kept that in the back of my mind. I am the first one in my immediate family to go to and graduate college so me finishing was a big deal. The family rewarded me nicely and so did my father. With the money I received after about a week of thinking about it, I booked my ticket for a week after summer school was finished (I had 2 more classes to finish, but walked early). I was going to fly to London on June 24th, take the train to Paris on the 25th (my best friends birthday) and then back to London on the 30th to return to Florida on the 1st. It was an 10 day trip, 2 of which were travel days over the big waters.

The biggest thing was that I decided to not wait for any of my friends to have the money to join me. I couldn't wait. For some reason I just had to go NOW! My parents tried to convince me to wait and then they offered to come with me. At one point my stepdad was telling me he would book a place across the city from me just so they would know I was safe, but this was just something I had to do on my own. So I was about to set off for my trip across the world alone having everything planned out except the people I was going to meet. Here is my story...

June 24, 8:50am

"The first night has proved to be a challenge. I guess I am not just one for sleeping on planes. I think I slept a total of 1 hour, and that's guessing a lot, more like I hope I got at least an hour. The flight seemed to go by faster than I thought it would. I felt really sick after we first took off, then after a "virgin" cola (literally that was the brand, virgin airlines). I was extremely hungry. I watched You Got Served as my movie and sure enough was not tired once it was over. Don't get me wrong, I am exhausted, but I could not fall asleep for anything. I may just have to take a nap. Well I have to put my stuff up now, we are landing."

I now know if I ever fly across the ocean again I will need some sleeping pills to relax me. I don't sleep well on planes just flying across the US, so I should have known better. I was not only excited, but anxious, nervous, scared out of my mind, but then also sleep deprived. It gets better though...only after it gets worse.

Katayama says:
I know how you feel when you just HAVE to leave and do it,lol. I felt that way last year and again, now. :)

oh and isn't virgin cola just the best...
Posted on: Aug 17, 2007
sdbleve says:
Opps, hit send by accident.... I am the same way, I can not sleep on planes. But in my case it is because I can't relax enough. There is a story to that, but I will not litter you blog with it.
Posted on: Feb 23, 2007
sdbleve says:
Posted on: Feb 23, 2007
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