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We're in the airport waiting for our flight VV4751 on Aerosvit Ukrainian Arilines to leave.  This is an exciting trip for me, as was Lithuania, beacuse theya re places that I never expected to be able to visit.  It's amazing, I think that half of the Spaniards in Warsaw are heading to the same place - there are at least 7 or 8 on the same flight as me!  Some of them live in the same building I do and work in the same building I do... quite a coincidence.

There are a number of things I want to see in Kiev - St. Michael's Monastery and Cathedral, St. Sophia's Cathedral, the Bessarabsky Market (I read about it and it's supposed to be an interesting farmer's market where they sell fresh meats, vegetables, dairy products, cut flowers.

.. and a whole section devoted to caviar.  We'll see what that's like.), the Ukrainian Museum of Folk Architecture and Everyday Life, Kiev Perchersk Lavra (called the Monastery of the Caves)... So, there are plenty of things to see.  I'm also interested in checking out their subway!  It's supposed to be quite a feat of engineering with amazingly deep tunnels and speedy escalators! 

The Aerosvit flight turns out to be operated by LOT - so nothing different there.  Another thing to try, of course, is Urkainian Cuisine.  I've read that they have over 40 types of Barszcz - Borscht - and that the best, is Kiev Borscht which has 20 different ingredients including beets (of course!), beans, potatoes, meat, cabbage and other vegetables.  It's served with sour cream (smetana) and something called pampuszki (we'll see what that is!).  Other good soups that are recommended are KapuĊ›niak (cabbage soup), barszcz szczawiowy (borscht with some kind of greens in it), and solianka (another vegetable soup).  We also should try warenyky - Ukrainian Pierogi.  There are many different types such as cheese, potato, mushroom - and fruit filled ones with cherries, blueberries, etc.  I'm looking forward to this!

robert99 says:
You are making me hungry. The cabbage stuff sounds ungh, but the borscht and the pierogi sound tempting. I hope you got some recipes so when we come to see you, you can cook. Did you make a batch of muesli cookies yet?
Posted on: May 09, 2008
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