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Slept like a log. The self-inflating mat, although a cheap version was a best buy. Early start (8.30am) after rain for a bit about 6.30am. Hot sunny day for the most part. Awesome coast but hard work. Stiles particularly hard. Needed a 'run up' (fast(er) walk really) to get enough momentum to get up them. If I didn't manage that, I had to get on my knees on the ledge and then haul myself up. There is so much weight on my back, my legs aren't strong enough to get myself up from a standing start especially the higher ones (I'm 5'). Met other Coasters on the way. One guy I kept seeing - he'd overtake me, then I'd overtake him when he rested later - and chatted abit. If he said it once, he must have said it a dozen times - 'Money's no object'. He was staying in whatever took his fancy at the time including top notch hotels. He'd got a taxi from Land's End the night before to stay at St Ives then a taxi back this morning to carry on where he left off. I wondered if I should recognise him off the TV or something if he was so rich but being as I hardly ever watch it, that wasn't likely. He wondered if I was in training as a pack mule with my big bag. He was travelling very light as he could afford to buy stuff each day and throw it away or get it laundered! Just before Zennor was a steep, long flight of steps. I wasn't sure that I could make it as I was at the end of my energy resources by now. It was about 1.30 and I'd eaten lots of energy giving snacks including dried fruit and nuts, cereal and hot cross buns. I find them easier to digest than sandwiches when I'm walking. Revitalised after coffee and ice cream. It looked an OK hostel with a very chilled cafe and camping facilities. I toyed with the idea of staying there but, feeling better, I pressed on towards St Ives. I cheated by sticking to field crossings parallel to the coast so not the ups and downs and meanderings of the coast path but lots more stiles! I had a laugh to keep me going across one field with a herd of cows. I got through them OK but then could hear them following me. Every time I looked round, they had stopped and were trying to look nonchalant. I ended up playing 'Peep behind the curtain' with them to try and catch them out but they won! lol. Had other chuckles over the Fircone Buzzards - loads of them! My shoulders were feeling very bruised by the time I reached a farm with camp site just short of St Ives. I had to wait for a while for the farmer to finish milking so sat on the doorstep. When he came, he said he would get his wife but she looked more like a man than he did! They said there wasn't really room but I could camp in their garden as it was only 1 night and no car. When I went through, I found there were already several others camping in the backgarden - mostly Dutch on bikes but. although they spoke to me, they didn't seem keen to speak to each other! Perhaps they all came away for a break from their countrymen and were a bit narked. When I came back from fetching water, I'd been invaded by ants so had to move. When I did, they all disappeared like magic and I'd thought it would take forever to get rid of them. They obviously like being in their own home. 16+ miles
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Saint Ives
photo by: kat_mac27