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At my limit's today. Another bad night due to inconsiderate people until 1.30am. What happened to campsite etiquette? I took a short cut out of the site which involved a scramble up a wall onto an embankment. I couldn't manage me and the bags so had to push them up one at a time first, then get me up. Had to have a rest at the top. Good job it was at the start of the day as I wouldn't have the energy to do that later. I was feeling the effects of yesterday's lack of food. Tried unsuccessfully to contact Pete who was also on holiday in Cornwall somewhere to see if he would like my bag in his car for company for the day. Cliff tops are awesome again. God is very good to have made it all for our enjoyment as well as his own. I stopped at a nice cafe on the front at Portreath and wrote postcards over leek and potato soup with toast and marmalade at 10am!. Just what I fancied. Heavy showers started from there on in for the day but I still preferred sitting outside. Inside is starting to feel stifling after all the fresh air. I was kept very amused by the sight of a woman with a Doberman pup struggling to get 2 cats into a rucksac hanging on her front. LOL big time. I asked the waitress if the lady was local but she didn't know her. She came over to me asking if I'd seen her husband and which was the way to the beach. When I commented about the cats which were by then in the bag - one with it's head out, the other with it's tail - she didn't bat an eyelid as though it was perfectly normal!! I know dog's aren't allowed on the beach but what about cats? I had a chat later to another Coastie and his bearded collie sheltering from the rain. It must be nice to have the dog for company but wasn't sure I'd fancy sharing a small tent with all that wet fur and carrying it's food. The rest of the walk was a long slog. The expected campsite was non-existent and I had a long walk up steep roads in the pouring rain to the next. It was a very well set up site although the lady (very posh) told me she hadn't really got room for me but wasn't sure she could turn me away either. She told me to pitch by the dustbins then shut the door on me so I took shelter for a while in the shower block. I was ready to flake out and/or cry by the time I set up. I couldn't event boil the kettle as I couldn't use the cooker in the tent and it was belting it down outside. I texted home as I couldn't face talking to them tonight. Was just going to switch phone off when Pete rang - did I want to go and get some dinner as he was now on the north coast?! Did I 'eck. The thought of a nice hot, steaming plate of something compared to the cold pastie and salad I had planned was bliss. It stopped raining by the time he picked me up - moment of panic when we didn't think he could find me. We drove down to Perranporth to suss out the sites there for me for the next night. I'd enjoyed my own and God's company and meeting new people but it was good to see a familiar face again. Approx 8 (40) mile.
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