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Not my pic & not so atmospheric as when I was there
Horrendous night. Was disturbed until late first by more campers arriving late right by me and cooking sausages. Have you ever tried to fry sausages quietly?! Following the supper, there were bonking sounds coming from their tent - hope they cleaned their teeth! :S Then there was a loud male voice coming from a caravan just over the garden wall. I drifted off to sleep with it still going about 1am to be woken later by escalation of noise and a woman screaming. It sounded from the shouts as though he was hitting her. I couldn't ring the police as I didn't know the name of where I was! or which caravan it was but someone else must have done as about 3 cars came and it gradually quietened. I woke again at 5.45 when they were taking him away - loudly. Then someone started coughing and the couple who'd been 'noisy' last night started talking loudly for the next hour. Then the cows woke up for milking at 6am! I gave in and got up at 7am. Quite a few snoring in other tens as I went past to leave at 8.30am. I treated myself to a nice hot chocolate and croissant in the rain at Porthmeor beach cafe. Sitting there, the sky was beautiful - dark rain clouds, green sea and a lovely rainbow. I could have cried but that might have had something to do with last night's lack of sleep! I lingered long enough in St Ives to buy some fruit and post clotted cream home. It's interesting trying to manoevre into shops with my pack! I caught the train out to St Earth as it's a dire walk sandwiched on the road along the estuary. I waited ........ and waited .......and waited for the Hayle train to find the next one stopping there was in 2 hours so I walked on the tedious road across the river and into Hayle. I toyed with getting food for tea in Hayle but didn't really see anywhere promising and didn't really want to carry any more. There was bound to be somewhere else along the beach. It was nice through the dunes to Gwithian then road/clifftop to Hell's Mouth cafe. (It was a couple of days later that I found out that my friend, Peter was there an hour earlier! Lol or not given how far I had to walk to the site from there) 4pm and I realised I might find nowhere now for food so I had a cheese and ham toastie. Good job I did too. Nice chat with some local people who were passing through and hadn't seen half of the Cornwall I had although they'd always lived there. Isn't it often the way? Had to walk a long way inland to find another 'farm' site (no sign of the farm) but nice site. I had a couple of welcome showers of rain along the way as it was very hot - 36 hours of rain back home. No shop at the site and not alot of food left :S My shoulders ache but soon recover - soon hurt again too when the bag goes back on. The 'neighbour' made me a cuppa on arrival as I sat and decided what to do first - boil kettle or put tent up. Going to have to shift some more weight on to my front pack tomorrow to balance up a bit better. 11 (32) miles
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Not my pic & not so atmospheric as…
Not my pic & not so atmospheric a…
photo by: JannyG