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Advertising photo of the Celtic Seaweed Baths.
After visiting Northern Ireland, we headed back to the Republic to explore the southern part of this country. The third day got off to a rough start as all the winding roads forced me to move to the front of the bus, just in case. But then things got a whole lot better when we stopped in Sligo for a Celtic seaweed bath. I was given a room for one hour to spend ten minutes in a steam area to open the pores and then soak in a bath full of hot water and seaweed. It was slightly strange to relax amongst big bunches of seaweed, but the slimy properties in the seaweed made my skin feel really soft and smooth.  

After a little nap in the bus, we ended in Galway for the night.
Me, Anke, Kelly and Corinne at the pub on Australia Day.
Galway is known for being a fun, university town and the main shopping streets have the typical, old European feel. Unfortunately, our night didn't turn out so well as we went to a pub to hear Irish music, only to find that the football was on and every male was glued to the TV. We found a cool bar, Bar 912, towards the end of the night, but by that time we'd all had enough.

Moving on down the west coast, we visited a number of small sights and stopped at the Cliffs of Moher, which actually reminded me a lot of the Twelve Apostles in Australia. It was really windy at the Cliffs, but we were given a free show when two American tourists decided to do a nudie run at the top. We ended up at a hostel and pub called the Randy Leprechaun on the Dingle Peninsula to celebrate Australia Day with a bit more karaoke and Anzac biscuits.
A bit of karaoke.

The fourth day included photo stops to the cute beehive huts and lunch in Dingle (not a particularly interesting town). I discovered my favourite view in Ireland at Aghadoe Heights, which is a beautiful mountain range and reflecting lakes. We saw more beautiful views on a horse and carriage ride around the national park in Killarney. I was much more impressed with the nightlife there. We started our final night at the funky Cube bar where we made the most of their Friday night cocktail deal and then moved to a nearby pub, which had an Irish music band in the front and a nightclub in the back.

On our final day we visited Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney stone that is supposed to give you the eloquence of speech and seven years good luck. You have to lie on the ground and bend over backwards to kiss this small stone at the top of the castle tower. There is an old guy who holds you while you perform this acrobatic feat and of course, our tour guide told us it was the best job in Ireland because he can grope all the girls while they're leaning back! If you ask me, someone just decided to pick a really impractical stone in the castle and say it's lucky.
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Advertising photo of the Celtic Se…
Advertising photo of the Celtic S…
Me, Anke, Kelly and Corinne at the…
Me, Anke, Kelly and Corinne at th…
A bit of karaoke.
A bit of karaoke.
Really getting into Tina Turners …
Really getting into Tina Turner's…
Our group at Aghadoe Heights.
Our group at Aghadoe Heights.
Scenery during our horse and carri…
Scenery during our horse and carr…
Another shot.
Another shot.
photo by: Paulovic