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Kaja, me and Inga at a bar in their university town the night I arrived.
I arrived in Augsburg, Germany, where two more of my friends from Sweden are currently living. I was impressed that both Kaja and Inga have great apartments with huge bedrooms.

My first full day was spent mostly outside the city. Kaja and Inga took me for breakfast to the most popular cafe in Augsburg, where I enjoyed pancakes and their version of a 'milk coffee' - a huge glass, half full of froth and served with a straw.

The rest of the day was an adventure in search of beer. One of Inga's friends works for a German television program, Deutsche Welle. The crew was doing a documentary on a brewery in the small Bavarian town of Riedensburg, whose owner is a real beer connoiseur and teaches classes in matching the right beer with the right type of food.
Me and Inga on the train on the way to the brewery
They needed a few people to be filmed tasting the different beers with particular foods, and of course Inga, Kaja and I volunteered our services. I actually don't like beer at all, so I felt a little ashamed that such a fantastic beer-tasting experience went slightly unappreciated. Nevertheless, it was still a great day.

Riedensburg was a three hour train ride from Augsburg and we planned to catch a taxi from the station to the brewery. I suppose we were a little to naive to expect that taxis would be waiting outside the station, and when we called the taxi company listed at the station, the call operator hadn't even heard of the town. We found a nearby pub, where a taxi was called for us, which didn't arrive for about half an hour. In the meantime, I watched a whole episode of JAG dubbed in German.
Me in the taxi - before we got lost

When the taxi arrived, the driver assured us he knew where the brewery was, but after about fifteen minutes of him slowing down to read street signs and scratching his head, we realised he didn't have a clue. He refused to admit this and kept making comments about how it was just behind another town, and even accepted another job for a man who was waiting outside a restaurant. The only nice thing he did was turn off the metre after it reached twenty euros. I would say the drive took at least an hour - including a return to the place from where we started - before we actually managed to arrive at the brewery. I wonder what happened to the poor guy waiting outside the restaurant.

We arrived so late that we missed the tour of the brewery and went straight to the restaurant for tastings.
Kaja, Inga and I were seated at a table in front of the camera and lights, and served three fantastic courses with beers to match. The food was incredible - a carpaccio with salad and a small cup of soup, venison with a type of German pasta called spƤtzle, and incredible gingerbread ice-cream with fruit for dessert. I enoyed the non-alcoholic beer with syrup the best, but I think the beer was pretty good as far as beer goes.

Our taxi drive back to the station took ten to fifteen minutes.

The next day I went around the town of Augsburg and joined Kaja for an aqua aerobics class (no, it's not just for grandmas). Kaja and Inga also made me a fantastic, traditional southern German lunch of schupfnudel mit sauerkraut, salad and apple strudel for dessert.
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Kaja, me and Inga at a bar in thei…
Kaja, me and Inga at a bar in the…
Me and Inga on the train on the wa…
Me and Inga on the train on the w…
Me in the taxi - before we got lost
Me in the taxi - before we got lost
Kaja and Inga making lunch.
Kaja and Inga making lunch.
The three of us at the table in Ka…
The three of us at the table in K…
Mmmm, schupfnudel mit sauerkraut a…
Mmmm, schupfnudel mit sauerkraut …
Me with a curry wurst,yum!
Me with a curry wurst,yum!
Augsburg, Bayern
photo by: spocklogic