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You wouldnt believe the trouble that one boy had to go thru to get to a music festival in the desert...i got off work at 5:30pm, and my flight left SFO at 9:00pm, meaning the plane would board at 8:30pm, meaning id have about 3 hours to get to the airport.  Its amazing what can happen in 3 hours, on a friday afternoon.  I decided to leave my car at a friends house, and he drove me to work so i wouldnt have to park for 3 days at the airport, which wasnt a bad idea when you think about it.  Boy was it a bad idea hahaha.

5:30pm - 6:05pm:  I wait for a free shuttle at my office which never comes, to take me 10 minutes down the street to the CALTRAN station, which i cant really walk to since id have to cross over a freeway to get there.  I decide that taking the local bus will probably be faster...

6:05pm - 6:55pm:  Well the local bus is late...way late.  No surprises there since its friday, but by now im sweating that ill miss my flight, but it DOES come, and i am eternally greatful for public transportation.  The thought did cross my mind to call a taxi, but then id have to sit in one hour of traffic on the freeway...not really worth the money, but then again, at least id make my flight.

6:55pm - 735pm:  The CALTRAN trains do not stop at every stop, so i have to wait for the train that does stop at the local BART (monorail) station to take me to the airport...but it does not come until 7:28, which is silly considering that my destination is only 7 minutes away.  There must have been a Giants (baseball) game that evening, because the train was full of young and drunk fans.

7:35 - 8:00pm:  The BART train wasnt completely designed using the best of minds, so i have to take one stop backwards, get off, and then jump onto another train to get to the airport.  At least it works with minimal trouble.

8:00pm - 8:30pm:  Ok now the trouble starts.  I took the liberty of checking in online before i left the office to save myself a little time, and i have only 30 minutes to get thru security and to my flight...only at the security check, the officer tells me that my drivers license is expired...which means that i will have to go thru a special security check.  Oh joy.  If youve never been inside of a "bomb box" before, it shoots many short puffs of air at you, in case you have a bomb strapped to your body, it will explode inside the box, instead of inside the airport or  Then i have to stand there and watch people go thru my pack, which i have painstakenly packed to properly fit everything i will need (and a few things i didnt need).  The search turns up my cell phone, which after proper scanning, is determined not to be a bomb...score.  My Neutrogena facial cleanser however, can not is too clean.  I decided that im sweating because i will not be able to rent a car in San Diego when i land, and not because security will find anything they shouldnt find...hahaha.  They end up believing my "honest" concern for my rental car.

8:30pm-8:55pm:  I finally make it to the terminal gate, 5 minutes before its time to board the plan.  Hurray.  A one hour max trip just took me 3 hours and 5 minutes to spare, but i made it.

8:55pm-9:05pm:  The ticket counter annouces that the flight is full, and there will not be ennough room for all the carry-on luggage, so if anyone would like to check their bags in at the gate, they will give out a voucher as a small gift.  I figure that i could use all the positive arma i can get at this point, and volunteer my backpack for they SAID that i would be able to get my backpack returned to me at the gate upon my arrival to San Diego, but after i checked it in, i am told that i will have to claim my pack at the baggage claim like everyone else...burn.  To top it off, my "small gift" is a voucher for 1)Premium TV (i dont watch TV)  2)Movie (its a 1 hour flight, so how the hell am i gonna watch a movie)  3)A free alchoholic drink (Yes, it would be a great idea to have a drink, then try to rent a car with an expired license,

I offer the voucher to the people next to me, because they are screaming for a party.  But they politely decline so i hand the voucher to the hostess and instruct her to apply it towards the next person who would like a drink.  Pay it forwards ^^ im sure someone else wont mind a free drink from a complete stranger on a friday night ^^...peas

PrissyT says:
man! that was close!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2008
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