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The tensed political situation in Sri Lanka is not very welcomming for tourist nor travellers..

We had to go. My husband had a 3 month contract and his firm had advised him that it's better that he comes without the spouse and they will not take any responsibility for my safety. 

For some couples it's beneficial - they said. Maybe for some, but not for us. It's hard for us to be apart even few days and we don't enjoy life as much as we do together, it's simply not as much fun - so what's the point?

And so I came to Colombo.. In the begginning I was a bit scared - pregnant and not feeling so well. there was a bomb explosion every week or every two weeks in the capital.

My protective husband didnt let me explore as much and forbid me to eat in all the horrible little street stands I would normally eat.

but after a while I started charity work, helping schools and hospitals and it brought me huge satisfaction (but no salary;)

I know it sounds cheesy but the childrens smiles were the best reward you can imagine!

I had friends around local people and enjoyed wondering around the island every weekend with my love.

note: if you are not a good driver - dont even try to drive there

thousands of bicycles and rikshas will slow you down - save 5 hours for 120 km!!!

Life in Sri LAnka was one of the best ever. few exceptions
- terrible hospitals (unless you know where to go before sth happens)
- excess heat and tropical storms in monsoon season (that I liked about the climat)
-wonderful people (but becouse of poverty they all try to cheat white people) - our hospital bill was 10times too high                                         -political tension (esp. in the north and in colombo) and bomb explosions but
hotels are cheap (60percent cheaper if you have residents visa and local rates) and safe - they dont aim in tourists

In spite of all this I really loved every minute of being there and exploring incredible beauty of this isl.

dont be afraid to go there alone. make local friends that will show you around.
amazing beaches, beautiful temples, blooming rain forests etc
all is cheap and cottons, silks and linnens are exported all over the world. and the famous Ceylon tea
I really recommend!!!

enjoy and explore

live your life - you have only one!!

sumeda says:
great thanks
Posted on: Jan 24, 2014
travelman727 says:
Wonderful blog, Dominika. You're right; "childrens smiles were the best reward you can imagine!"
Posted on: Aug 29, 2009
EmileG says:
Great work ! Thanks for reccomending the country. We need people like yourself to come and see, its not that tensed after all, its a great Country !!

Cheers !!
Posted on: Jul 03, 2008
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