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it was out to the right of this shot in deep water that the whales were playing

Always knew that this place we have recently chosen to live in is worthy of world status as a travel destination and today it just proved itself!

This evening I joined Andrew (my adorable husband) and Tia (scatterbrained cocker spaniel) for their second walk of the day.  It was very breezy but we headed across the road to the river beach and walked the shoreline towards the heads and the ocean.  Astro usually joins us (he did) and he comes from four doors down and is a black, good natured, labrador who loves Tia.  As we passed the boat ramp and the few fishermen on the piers who were focussed on the catch of the day, a family of four eating their take-away meal at one of the tables, a converted bus to motorhome, we walked along the high tideline I heard a thump-thump noise like a small craft hitting the white wave tops.

towards Crookhaven Heads
  On closer inspection I realised that it was the sound of several whales breaching the water and immediately diving and thumping the surface of the ocean with their massive tails as they dove down into the water!

What a sight!  I knew that we should expect to see whales at this time of the year passing our waters but in the five months before we went on our trip around the world and the one month since we returned, we had always just missed the spectacle.  For 10 minutes we watched the group of more than five continually surfacing and then slapping the water with their tails and they dived.  It took me 34 years of looking to finally see five koalas in the wild and I thought that it would be the same sort of wait to see my first whale but here they were,  October 31st 2006.

Next time I will get pictures.  Now I am just too excited to have begun my whale spotting!

X_Drive says:
I lived on the coast in Southern California as a I grew up and from time to time you would see a whale along the coast, but not slapping as you saw. We also took our girlfriends up on the cliffs on the weekends to do some "whale watching" and watch the submarine races. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. :)
Posted on: Nov 18, 2006
Purdy says:
How amazing to see such a site and to have it right on your doorstep too! Lucky lucky you! Glad you are enjoying being back home!

Posted on: Oct 31, 2006
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it was out to the right of this sh…
it was out to the right of this s…
towards Crookhaven Heads
towards Crookhaven Heads
Culburra Beach
photo by: clearviews