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The journey to Prague was a little bit crazy. Our flight didnt leave Amsterdam until 9:30pm, and arrived in Prague at 11. So we were a bit rushed to find our way to the hostel, as buses stop running at midnight! We got lucky though, and after a small detour (took a tram the wrong direction) we found the Czech Inn. Hooray, 24-hour check in at the Czech Inn! The hostel is gorgeous, more like a hotel with 10 strangers in your room. We dropped our stuff and hit the sack right away.

Day 1 Prague

We shower in the spa-style shower...with adjustable temperature! So luxurious! Then do breakfast and head downtown. We are about a 20 minute walk from the center. The architecture is by far the most amazing thing about Prague. Incredible old churches, buildings, streets made with brick. We spend the whole morning just walking and admiring. After visiting Old Town Square, we cross the river to see Prague Castle. The walk itself was beautiful, up hundreds of steps (cardio test!) winding through gardens. From the top you can see the entire city, a sea of red-tiled roofs, green trees, and church spires. Incredible. I will definitely be posting pictures. After we walked through the grounds of the palace, we headed back across the Charles Bridge towards town. This large stone bridge, named after a Swedish King (as I was informed by Johan), is covered in art vendors, jewelry stands, artists drawing caricatures, and tourists. Lots of tourists. We waded our way through, admiring some art along the way, then headed back to the hostel to change for the 1st Eurocup game of 2008. The Czech Republic was playing against Switzerland, and they had a giant screen and beer gardens set up in Old Town Square for the occasion. Beer and lots of European guys. Just our style! We rested a bit, changed, grabbed 2 beers for the road (about $1.25 for a large can!), then grabbed the tram downtown. Almost immediately we met a couple of Scottish guys (in the line for beer...what a coincidence) who were in Prague for a bachelor party. 18 of them, all in Czech jerseys. I smell fun! The night is a bit of a blur, but here are the highlights:

- Borat: another bachelor (also from Scotland, coincidentally) who we spotted earlier in the Square wearing only the bright green Borat Bikini. His bachelor party was also there, and we chatted and drank with them a bit (fortunately, he had taken the bikini off by that point. No need for us to lose our beer appetite).

- Scottish boys: by far the best part of the night! Ranging between 10-18 of them at any given time, we hung out and drank as a group for the whole night. We were in the square for 2 full football games, at least 5 hours, and it flew by. Their accents were adorable (though incredibly hard to understand, especially as the night went on), and they were just big goofballs. They also bought our beer all night, score!

- Dancing in the rain: right after the first game ended it started raining HARD. We are talking tropical storm. As everyone ran for cover, one of the Scots asked me to tango. We danced all alone in the middle of a deserted Old Town Square in the rain (dont worry babe, it wasnt romantic at all. Wished the whole time you were there!). I ended up absolutely soaking wet, but it was such an amazing drunk moment.

- The club: eventually we lef the square on a mission to find a bar. After a long walk, we found a bar, had a few drinks, then moved on to a club that the guys had been to the night before. It was pretty sweet: 4 floors, each with a different dance floor and different type of music playing. We left the club around 3am, and took a cab home. THE. MOST. FRIGHTENING. RIDE. OF. MY. LIFE! The guy was ripping along waaaay too fast, swerving in and out of oncoming traffic, almost rear ending people going the speed limit. Horrifying. After much useless screaming (the guy didnt speak a word of english) and some praying, we arrived home safe and semi-sound.

Day 2 Prague

Today was a day of moving and recovering. We changed hostels today (booked 2 nights at the Czech Inn, and 2 at a place called the Boathouse), but luckily we didnt have to check out until noon, since neither of us were moving very quickly. Eventually though, we made our way there. The Boathouse was about 30 minutes outside of the city, right on the river. Its a bit run down, but in such a beautiful setting. We also had our own room which was such a treat. We ended up spending the whole day at the hostel relaxing. Read our books, checked email, went for a walk by the river, had a home-cooked Czech meal. It was much needed, and felt amazing.

Day 3 Prague

Today was a very touristy day in Prague. We headed to town and quickly found a cute little street market with fruit & veggie stands, jewelry, art, candy, and toys. We each bought a piece of fresh fruit and a gorgeous watercolor painting of Prague (didnt really think that through though, since we now had to carry it around all day!). We then headed down to the river to find a cheap boat tour. We hopped on a 1-hour tour that went under the Charles Bridge, served drinks, and would have us back in time for our 2:00 walking tour. Success! After the boat we headed back to Old Town Sqaure for some meat-on-a-stick and gelato. So yummy! We then met up with the walking tour. We should have known that since it was free, it may not be the best quality. The girls english was shaky at best, and she had a hard time speaking loud enough to be heard. Her group of about 40 dwindled down to a mere 15 by the time we ditched it (at a beautiful gothic cathedral that she told us we must see inside...then said that the tour doesnt actually go in!). See ya! We checked out the cathedral, then headed back home, checking out a few art galleries and a puppet shop on the way. Off to Venice tomorrow!

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photo by: vulindlela