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So Vanessa came back to meet me around 3 on what shall now be known as Hangover Day. She walked in with Subway and Powerade, and I have NEVER been so happy to see my fave cousin! We refueled, and headed out to a shopping area near our hostel to FINALLY see Sex and the City. Try #3 to actually make the show. We had a few hours to kill, so we shopped a bit, got our new cell phone hooked up (though it never actually worked until the last day), and had some yummy sushi. We also decided to skip the Cotswalds (the plan was to head out the next day for the English countryside), because we felt we still needed more time in London. So after a bit of wasted time, we headed in for Sex and the City. Best. Movie. EVER. Let me send out a thanks to Vanessa for being as big of a movie crier as I am. Many laughs, tears, and reminiscent moments later, we emerged from the theater with blotchy faces and puffy eyes and headed home to bed. Hangover Day was salvaged by Carrie Bradshaw. So ended day 3.

Day 4: Woke up early and headed to see the Tower of London. The first of this amazing group of buildings was built in the 1100's, and was added to by succeeding kings to create the small village it is now. Used over history as an arms fortress, prison, and residence, it has an air of history about it. It also containes the crowned jewels, which was the big appeal for Vanessa and I. It also happens to be the place where Anne Boleyn was tried and killed, which was pretty amazing to me (I read a series of books about her life, most people may have heard of the recent movie the Boleyn Girl). From the Tower we walked along the river towards Leichester Square, and took a small detour to see St. Pauls Cathedral. It is such a beautiful, imposing building...absolultely huge. I had to run across the stree just to get half of it in the frame of my camera. Incredible. The inside was less impressive, though we didn't get a close look at the altar since a sermon was about to start. The guy at the rope took one look at us and knew we weren't there for that. He said we'd have to stay for the whole hour if we crossed the thanks! Headed back to the hostel then for some R&R, then took the tube to Chelsea for dinner. It was a very posh neighborhood, with incredibly cute apartment buildings. The very tall, very european look. Love it. After some window shopping down the main street, we hit up a little italian place for some super thin crust pizza and salad. Mmm. Our waiter was less than friendly, which we've noticed a lot from the people working in stores and restaurants, though restaurants especially. It's our theory that it's because nobody tips here. Like, not even a little bit of a tip. Why try when you know you don't have to? After dinner we walked through the neighborhood, oh-so-sneakily peering into any open apartment windows we could find. This was definitely the neighborhood you would want to live in...if you were a millionaire. Oh well. We could snoop on them for free. We then headed home, needing a good recovery night!

Day 5: Last day in London. We wanted to get a closer look at Buckingham palace today, so we met up with our Aussy friend Mat at the fountain in front. The palace itself is really nothing special, but the gates around it and the fountain are pretty spectacular. Also the guards in redcoats and big black hats add a lot to the picture. We walked a bit, then headed to Hyde park, which is the main park in Central London, which has apparently been the model for large parks in many cities, including New York's Central Park. Highlights from the park included a statue of Peter Pan, Princess Diana's memorial fountain, and Kensington Palace (where Diana lived). At this point it started threatening to rain, so we headed to the National History museum, which had many appealing things: it had a roof; it was free; it was close to where we were. Fantastic! It was a decent museum...lots of dinosaur bones, stuffed animals, science...things....yeah. At least it wasn't raining afterwards. We decided it had been far too long since the last drink, and headed to an infamous pub in our area: the Slug N Lettuce. Seriously, how could we not with a name like that??? The Slug had $3 cocktails, so we had dinner and a few of those and headed back to the good old Nags Head. The Slug n Lettuce was nice, but not nearly dodgy enough for the likes of us. More drinks, some new friends, and lots of Shaky Face pictures later (a must-see, I'll add them when I'm back) we said goodbye to Mat (until July, when we'll see him again in London) and headed home to pack. So ends our London Adventures. Next: Amsterdam!

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photo by: ulysses